Arrive in Style: Po Campo Purse and Merrell Shoes

Po Campo purses feature unique shoulder straps that double as mounting systems. Photo by Claire Anne Colton

Smelling roses, spying coyotes, and seeing beautiful architecture help make my ride to work enjoyable.  The right bike, bag and shoes make it easy and stylish.  Over the past few weeks I have been wearing the Evera Mary Jane by Merrell and rocking a Po Campo Streeterville purse. The shoes and bag make looking good and riding to work easy!   Both are designed to be used on the bike and are stylish enough to look “normal” off the bike and in the office.

Until recently I have been wearing Birkenstocks 90% of the time. Not because I love how they look, but because they are basically the only shoes I can wear consistently without discomfort.  I am lucky that I can wear sandals at the office most days, but there are times when I need to look a bit more professional. Enter the Merrell Evera Mary Jane’s, the only heels I have found that I can pedal to work in and comfortably wear all day at the office. They come in silver, brown, red or black and have a medium heel, breathable leather uppers, a small reflective detail, and my favorite part: elastic across the top of the toe so that the shoe expands with your foot when you ride. No pedal pinching here!

No need to carry an extra pair of shoes which these Merrell's which feature non-slip soles ideal for biking to work. Photo by Claire Anne Colton

The sole is comfy to walk and bike in and sticks to the pedals better than any of the shoes I own. In addition to the grippy CycleTread sole, the heel is designed to grip the pedal from the back and resists scuffing. With the cut outs and peep toe there is nothing about these shoes that says bike to the average person but to the biking wearer of the shoes they are all about the bike. The attention to detail is amazing. To the female designer at Merrell who bikes to work and came up with these: THANK YOU!

The Streeterville clutch is perfect for a night on the town and a ride on the bike. It is a small purse that features special straps that allow it to be hooked to your bikes handlebars or rear rack. The weather resistant fabric purse has leather and reflective details and an outside pocket for easy access to your smartphone for tracking miles in the Wisconsin Bike Challenge.  The hardware that attaches the purse to your bike is high quality and adds a cool look to the purse off the bike.  This bag frees your hands and let’s you explore the city by bike and in style.

The purse and the shoes look great and function well on the bike and in the office. Photo by Claire Anne Colton

Po Campo has a whole line of  bike friendly bags from tiny wristlets to a laptop carrying pannier (my next purchase) that are all designed in Milwaukee’s southern most suburb, Chicago. They are produced in Chicago and China and shipped all over the world. The Po Campo line was started in 2009 by Chicagoans Maria Boustead and her then-business partner, Emily Taylor, when they couldn’t find a functional bike bag to match their stylish personalities. Guys, if you blew mother’s day this year,you can make it up by getting mom with one of these bags!

Now that warm weather is here and I have comfy and stylish shoes to go with my functional cyclechic handbag,  I can happily leave my giant messenger bag stuffed with extra layers in the closet and bike to work, restaurants, and backyard parties with my cute Streeterville on my handlebars and my Everas on my pedals.

Welcome to summer!

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