Thanks Bone Heads

The Bone Ride is a Wisconsin bicycling institution. Started 26 years ago by Tom Schuler as an early season training ride for racers, the ride has traveled nearly the same route for its entire history. Beginning at Tom’s house in Wauwatosa, the group heads west and ends up at Yellow Jersey bike shop on State Street in Madison. After about an hour lunch break the group heads back east to Tom’s house. All and all it’s over 160 miles if you do the whole ride.

I’ve participated in several Bone Ride myself though I’ve never done the whole thing. This year my “mini-Bone” went from Wauwatosa, to El Mariachi in Lake Mills for burrito-loading, then back to Wauwatosa. I tracked about 110 miles. More than enough for me.

A few of the Bone Heads gathered in front of Tom's house. 160 miles to go!

For several years Tom has asked the riders to chip in to help support the invaluable sag-vehicle drivers and to also help support the statewide “do-gooders”, the Bike Fed. This year the Bone Heads contributed nearly $1000 to support the Bike Fed’s work. Thank you Tom, Bill Ochowitz, Bill Koch and all the riders who chipped to support the Bike Fed.

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