Wisconsin Bicycle News June eUpdate

This is a quick update to let you know about some of the things the staff at the Bike Fed and our members have been doing over the last couple months to make Wisconsin an even better place to ride a bike.

If there is anything cycling related from your area that you would like to share on our blog, email you suggestions to our Communications Director Dave Schlabowske: dave.schlabowske@wisconsinbikefed.org. By reading the e-update here, you will be able to navigate easily between articles.

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Wisconsin Bike Challenge hits 1,000,000 miles and is going strong!

The momentum for the 2012 Wisconsin Bike Challenge has picked up incredible speed! With nearly 5,400 participants, it’s no surprise that over this weekend, we have already surpassed 1,000,000 bicycle miles logged!


Fat Tire Tour of Milwaukee Redux

In case you missed the 28th Annual Fat Tire Tour of Milwaukee over the weekend, below are a few of the Kodak memories. As you can tell by a few of the images, this year’s costume theme was based on “Office Space.”


Superman and the long arm of the Bike Fed

New bikeways in Oshkosh and Green Bay thanks to our members and the Complete Streets Law.


Groundhogs day for federal transportation bill

Am I the only one who feels like Bill Murray walking up in that hotel room at 6 a.m. to Sonny and Cher singing “I Got You Babe”? In the last week or so many of you have probably received many similar email alerts urging you to contact your elected representatives in Washington, D.C. because the future of federal funding for bicycles is being threatened.


The Tour de Fat is coming to McKinley Marina

The Wisconsin Bike Fed and New Belgium Brewery are partnering to bring “Tour de Fat”, a free bicycle festival with beer, to Milwaukee again. This year the Tour de Fat will be held on July 14th at a NEW CENTRAL LOCATION at McKinley Marina (Coast Guard Area near Veterans Park).


Deadly Crash Rapid Response Policy

Already in 2012, two innocent people have been killed while riding their bicycles. The first deadly crash in 2012 did not happen until July, and by end of last year, 12 people were killed while riding  bicycles. At the Bike Fed, we believe that even the death of one innocent person riding a bicycle is too many.  We believe that if everyone takes their responsibilities on the road more seriously whether they are behind the wheel, on a bike or walking, we can put an end to these tragic deaths.


Door County–The Other Silent Sports Mecca

When most Wisconsinites hear the term “silent sports”, they think of Cable, Wisconsin–home to the American Birkebeiner and the Chequamegon fat tire races. Cable should pride itself in making their area home to human powered activities, however, in it’s shadow, a few places get overlooked. My husband and I have made our silent sports second home in Door County.


State’s 2nd Cyclist Killed in Sheboygan

I am sad to report that even before the investigation into the crash that killed Tammy Gass in Marathon County is complete, Wisconsin’s cycling community lost another of our own yesterday in Sheboygan.


What Can We Do When A Cyclist is Killed?

By now many people who ride a bike in Wisconsin have heard about the tragic crash that killed Tammy Gass (44 years old) on Highway KK just outside Mosinee in Marathon County on May 23rd. While we wait for the Sheriff’s department to finish their crash investigation many of us are searching for actions we can take to see to it that tragedies like this do not happen again.


Golda Meir Elementary Classroom Bike Ride Reports

This guest post is unique in that while the introduction is by Joe Dominic, a Special Education Teacher at Golda Meir Elementary School, the essays that follow are written by his students who went through the Bike Fed’s Safe Routes to School Program. Many of the kids were very new to cycling and certainly new to riding around Milwaukee. This is another example of how the bicycle is such a simple solution to so many very complicated problems.



I have always looked forward to spring and the hatching of cute little goslings along the Hank Aaron State Trail. The little yellow balls of hope never fail to renew my spirit after a cold winter of fighting for cyclists rights. Well, as my co-worker Matt can tell you, as cute as the little fuzz balls are, you need to give them more than three feet when passing if the parents are around.


cLips of Faith Beer & Film Festival returns to Madison June 21st!


Do you love beer?  Do you love outdoor films? Do you love whimsical summer nights under the stars?  Then we have an event for you!


Milwaukee Adding 76 Miles to Bikeway Network

If you live in Milwaukee and ride a bike, you have probably notice a lot of recently spray painted lines and symbols on the roads.  There a skip dashes, little arrows and other odd symbols in white paint on streets all over the city.


Wisconsin Drops To #6! Why are we moving backwards?

This morning, the League of American Bicyclists released their5th annual rating of the bicycle friendly states and Wisconsin slipped to #6 from #3 last year.

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Dave was the first full-time staff member hired to open the Bike Fed's Milwaukee office 15 years ago. A former professional photographer and life-long Milwaukee resident, Dave likes wool, long rides, sour beer, and a good polar vortex once in a while.

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