2012 Wisconsin Bicycle Challenge: The Results Are In

After four months of riding, the 2012 Wisconsin Bike Challenge has ended with a bang.  Last Friday the official mileage count for this year’s Challenge closed with nearly 2.6 MILLION miles logged! That is the equivalent of 104 trips around the world. Last year, more than 4,500 individuals logged 1,200,000 miles in the 2011 Challenge. Based on the success of the first year, our goal for 2012 was 2,000,000 miles, which we actually surpassed nearly a month before the Challenge ended. Way to go Wisconsin!

Here are our final 2012 results:

This year’s individual participation increased 40% over 2011 results. The 2012 mileage total is a 115% increase over last year. Challenge participants burned over 58,000,00 kcal and saved the Wisconsin economy over $550,000.

Todd Vickers with Marquette University just edged out Matthew Litherland of Trek Bicycle Corporation as our overall Challenge champion. Todd logged over 6,889 total miles of which 2,570 miles were spent on his bicycle for transportation and 4,318 miles were spent burning calories for sport and recreation. Matthew Litherland logged 6,734 total miles, 1,464 for transportation and 5,269 for sport. Here are the top 10 Challenge finishers:

2012 Top 10 Individual Results

The Fox Cities dominated the Wisconsin Bicycle Challenge with Appleton and Oshkosh-Neenah proving that Madison is just one of many great Wisconsin bicycle cities.

2012 Top 10 Community Results (points/1000 persons)

As the top 10 workplace results show, businesses from around the state enthusiastically participated in the Challenge. Kudos to Trek Bicycle Corporation, our top finisher, who more than doubled the second place total of Kimberly-Clark.

2012 Top 10 Workplace Results

The Wisconsin Bike Fed launched the country’s first statewide bicycle challenge in 2011. This year the challenge went national as the Kimberly-Clark Get Up & Ride Challenge with participation seen from all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Aside from a commanding overall performance by riders in Vermont, the national challenge was dominated by Wisconin, its communities and its workplaces.

2012 National Top 10 State Results

Wisconsin placed 4 communities in the top 10 and was the only state to place more than one community in the top 10 results.

2012 National Top 10 Community Results

Five Wisconsin workplaces placed in the top 10. Trek and Kimberly-Clark landed at #1 and #2 in the entire county. The University of Wisconsin-Madison Badgers captured the bicycle challenge “National Championship” over the University of Nebraska Corn Huskers.

2012 National Top 10 Workplace Results

The Wisconsin Bicycle Challenge would not have happened without the support and dedication of Rob Gusky from Kimberly-Clark. It was Rob who shepherded the first bike challenge within Kimberly-Clark. It was Rob who worked with the Bike Fed to create the Wisconsin Bicycle Challenge, and it was Rob who worked with Bikes Belong and the League of American Bicyclists to launch this year’s National Get Up & Ride Challenge. Thank you Rob for all of your enthusiasm and hard work. You’ve made Wisconsin bicycling better and better.

Thanks also to the sponsors of the Wisconsin Bicycle Challenge: Kimberly-Clark, Schwinn and Trek Bicycle Corporation. Most importantly, thank you to all of the over 6,300 participants. Once again we’ve show each other and the rest of the country that Wisconsin bicycling is second to none!

Last but not least, keep on riding! We hope the Wisconsin Bike Challenge has inspired you, your family, your friends and your co-workers to hop on a bike. There is no better way, in my humble opinion, to get from point A to point B.

Ride On

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  1. …looks like Stevens Point is the WI cities winner – per capita. And they don’t have to ride 20 miles to get to work. Must be lots of great roads to ride in Central WI.

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