Next Steps for Act 168

In our letter to the DNR, we specifically asked that park managers be given the authority to manage the interests of hunters and cyclists and all other user groups, and to implement Act 168 as they see fit.  Specifically, we requested that Park Managers be able to manage hunting and trapping based on local demand and the ability to implement those activities safely.  Further, we asked that the locations for hunting and trapping, total number of hunters and trappers, and both the time of day and year be limited as well.  The Natural Resources Board will be considering our comments along with hundreds of others at their upcoming meeting on December 11th.  Public participation is encouraged at the meeting but there is a specific protocol that must be adhered to in order to participate and speak publicly about Act 168, as outlined below.

It’s expected that this Action Item will be discussed at approximately 1:30PM on December 11, 2012. Comments may still be submitted to the Board until 4 pm December 7th, 2012.  f you wish to speak at the meeting, you must be pre-registered with the board and have confirmation of that registration. Requests will be accepted until 4pm Friday December 7th 2012. Please see below for the structure of public participation at Natural Resource Board meetings.

The following excerpt is from the DNR website.  More information can be found here:

Wisconsin Natural Resources Board public participation guidelines 

The public is welcome to attend any Natural Resources Board (NRB or Board) meeting unless it is noticed as a closed or executive session. The Board also provides opportunities for citizens to speak at Board meetings and to submit written comments about issues that come before the Board.

Public appearance guidelines
Public appearances mean speaking on items that are on the current Board agenda.
Public appearances are made at the time the Board considers an agenda item.Organizations are limited to one spokesperson on an agenda item. Individuals or organizations are limited to a maximum of five minutes before the Board unless the Board Chairperson limits presentations to three minutes. Please be prepared for either time limit.

Board members may question citizens following their presentations.
Individuals who wish to appear before the Board on complex issues are encouraged to mail or email written comments to the Board Liaison for Board members to review.

Written comment guidelines

If you are commenting on a current Board agenda item, please include the following information in your comment:

  • Agenda item number
  • Whether or not you support the item

If your comments are lengthy, please begin with a one-paragraph summary.

Registration for citizen participation and public appearances must be made and written comments must be submitted to the Board Liaison no later than 4 p.m. Friday December 7th, 2012.

When scheduling an appearance or submitting a written comment, please provide the following information:
Your name.
Name of organization(s) you represent (if none, state that you are “representing self”).
Topic or agenda item number and whether you support or oppose it.
City of residence.
Phone number.
Email or mailing address, to receive confirmation of your appearance or receive a reply to your written comment.

Call or email the Board Liaison to schedule citizen participation and public appearances before the Board. Email is preferred!

Mail or email written comments to the Board Liaison.
Laurie J. Ross, Board Liaison
P.O. Box 7921
Madison, WI 53707-7921

2 thoughts on “Next Steps for Act 168

  1. Being a bike rider and a active outdoor person it was great to read this article. I do hope that this passes.
    I could help with mailings or other things at the Milwaukee office.

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