Resolution #1: Ride way more

First Ride of the new year, 23 miles, 15 degrees, 9mph headwind.

If you didn’t already get a Happy New year from me on Facebook, I want to wish you all a Prósepro Año Nuevo and hope you all enjoyed some time over the holidays with family, friends and bikes.

For many of my cycling friends, Facebook has become the not only the place to wish friends a happy holiday, but also the spot to report year end mileage totals. This year, my super-human friend Tom Lais had the most miles, with 15,122. The most I ever rode in a year was 12,000 miles, and that was about 17 years ago!  Way to go Tom. Most of my pals who race and commute logged a bit more than 5,000 miles. I didn’t keep very accurate track, but know I only logged 3,362 on Endomondo for all of 2012. I rode more than that, but I’m sure it was less than 5,000. The primary reason I rode a lot less in 2012 was because I worked a lot more and when the Bike Fed moved our office, my commute was cut from 10 miles to 4 miles. That alone removed 3,000 miles from my annual total!

Hence my number one New Year’s resolution is to ride more this year. To start the year off right, I got in a ride from Racine to Milwaukee on New Years Day, even though the temperatures were in the teens. If conditions stay this nice, I hope to do a lot more rides on my Schlick Northpaw on the Wauwatosa mountain bike trails near my house. I rode those most every day over my vacation.  The new short commute remains a problem, so each day I plan to either get in an extra ride over lunch or take the long way to or from work.

Me out making Northpaw prints on the mountain bike tails in Wauwatosa. Photo by Russell Jobs.

My old commute was about 10 miles each way.

The direct route from home to our new office is only 4 miles.

Studies show almost 90% of New Year’s resolutions go unfulfilled. For 2013 I choose three personal resolutions that compliment each other.


  1. Ride more
  2. Get in good enough shape to hang on the Tuesday Velo Trocadero training rides
  3. Take my vacation time

Despite the dismal percentage of people who stick with their resolutions, I plan on being part of the 10% who succeed. I think I set realistic, quantifiable goals. I’m going to track my miles with Endomondo’s iPhone app, since I already use that every year for the commuter challenge.

How many miles did you get in last year and how did you keep track of them? Any non-professionals out there have more miles than Tom?  I bet you came close Barry. How about you Ron? Anyone have any year-long workplace commute challenges you want to report on?


About Dave Schlabowske, Deputy Director

Dave was the first full-time staff member hired to open the Bike Fed's Milwaukee office 15 years ago. A former professional photographer and life-long Milwaukee resident, Dave likes wool, long rides, sour beer, and a good polar vortex once in a while.

12 thoughts on “Resolution #1: Ride way more

  1. Happy New Year and congratulations to Tom on that awesome mileage.

    I ended up with 9461 miles with 5204 being commuting miles and 4254 being sport/training miles.
    I have a 30 mile round trip daily commute so it’s easy to rack up the miles and in the warmer months it’s not long enough but in the Winter it seems like a lot more.

    My goal was to ride 8000 miles last year since that’s usually my average so I guess 10K would be my 2013 goal. Oh and to stay married.

    • I knew you had a lot of miles in Barry, nice going. I think Julie will stick around if you nudge it up to 10K in 2013 😉

  2. Dave:

    Great to see your goals for the new year… goal is actually commute to work this year. I will not put a determined amount of miles or times I commute….but if like others I know that have started to commute…. it becomes addicting!

    And for the record….I hope Barry make his 10K goal next year……love your supportive wife!

  3. In 2012, my goal was 1500, since I rode 750 in 2011. To my surprise I rode 3,800 miles, my goal for 2013 will be 5,000 miles. I like the picture of you on your fat tire bike. I should be getting my Surly Neck Romancer, from Trikes 2 Bikes in New Frankin, today. I can not wait to ride in the snow.

    • Wow Andy, way to blow the goal out of the water! Speaking from experience, I am sure you will ride more with the new Fatbike.

  4. I love the ride to Racine (hometown pride)! I only wish there was a more developed route. Not a fan of 32 or 38. Maybe someday Caledonia will pave their Green Way which follows the old North Shore line?
    Goal this year….Madison and back in a day

    • Casey,

      I really like the route, at least to Caledonia where I typically ride. Perhaps if you are riding further south into the City of Racine, the route is less ideal. But from my house in Washington Heights, I take the Hank Aaron to the Oak Leaf, to 5th Avenue and only have to ride on 32 for a short distance. I am typically only riding to 5 Mile Rd though.

  5. I ride “to get excercise and to get away from traffic and city conditions”. However I do enjoy the Hank-AAron trail and it is too bad that it will never go thru Elm-Grove where the tracks used to go. It would have been nice to get on the trail from “downtown Elm-Grove and ride to Milwaukee”. Also I would be interested in helping if there would ever be any plans to connect the New-Berlin trail with the Glacier Drumlin trail on off road trails. Will the Interuban trail and the Hank-AAron trails connect in 2013? Will there be tables and more off street parking along the Hank-AAron trail? Will there be a parking lot on the southern trail head of the Eisenbahn trail and will it ever go south of Rosco road?

  6. Dave,
    Honestly, I have no clue!
    Maybe that’ll be my resolution, to keep track this year!

    The city of Waukesha is working with the DNR and the railroad company on finishing a connector for the New Berlin to Glacial-Drumlin trail. About half of it will be the existing rail corridor from Perkins Ave to Grand Ave., the western half will be a marked on street connection. The major hurdle is the city raising enough money to match the DNR’s investment.

  7. Hey Dave!

    It’s funny to see a photo of you wearing a bike helmet!!

    My goal last year was 2,000 total miles and I hit about 1650. I fell way short in commuting miles and plan to make that up this year with a goal of 2,500 miles and commute at least 3x a week this year from march 1 on…

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