Fat Biking in a New year

Last year at this time, Wisconsin winter was sweltering in record high temperatures and less than stellar snow conditions – all but shutting down most traditional winter activities.  Luckily, a fatbike addition to my stable of bikes made the season more than enjoyable, even if I rode alone on dirt instead of snow.  What a difference a year makes.


The other night a friend commented to me how many fatbikes there are out in the wild now. Yet despite the growing numbers I realized, that except for one race last year, I never rode with another soul during the 2011-2012 snow season.  That’s sure changed in this winter.  Even before the first flakes fell in 2012, I preached the gospel of big-tired bicycles, all but ignoring the other more svelte mountain bikes hanging in my garage. Perhaps in part due to my proselytizing, this winter I have no shortage of fatbikin friends.

Although Levis Mound in southern Clark County is well know for it’s mountain bike singletrack and cross country ski trails, suddenly this year with real snow on the ground, it has also become a destination for the big bikes.  With several enthusiastic new riders taking the helm, the Levis singletrack has become a packed ribbon of white through the forest and opened up a whole new opportunity for riding.  They’ve tackled the snow with shovels, snowmobiles, drags and even tile rollers (which is very effective at packing) to create a wonderful riding experience.  Yes, you can ride a fatbike in unpacked snow, but with a frozen smile on my face New years Day, a group of us flew along on flowy snowy singletrack provided by these trail builders.  Their work was well worth it.  That’s not to say the pedaling is effortless-we did a six mile loop and our legs had all they could handle pulling back into the warm chalet.  Even moderate terrain became a fun, almost trials like ride though some sections just to clean it.

Of course, beyond the undertaking of rolling though snow, there are other unique challenges.  Levis has plenty of bridges spanning creeks and low spots, so balancing even those wide tires on snow and ice covered planking often left a couple of us dropping off (to be chided by the rest!). Berms formed by the packing roller became either a hoot to corner into or a front wheel grabber tossing riders to the snow covered ground.  Either way…fun.

As an “elder” of the group, I couldn’t help but sit back and smile while I listened to the excited chatter from the new converts during the post ride warm down while enjoying a cold beverage (somehow it makes sense-trust me).  There was talk of how much fun the ride was, the awesome condition of the trail, where to expand, what equipment worked well (in trail building and riding) and arranging the next group ride.  Of the dozen fatbikers pushing pedals that day, all were ready to set times and dates for the next adventure, and it wouldn’t take long-they all be back in a couple days.

I realized in just a year, my days of riding a fatbike alone are over, (although there is nothing wrong with that …and I’ll continue) but damn, it sure is fun to share the love with others who have partaken in the fatbike koolaide and aren’t afraid to step out the door into snow and cold, don a helmet and crank pedals-all with a smile on.

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Photographer, skinny skier, fat tire rider, teacher, dirt digger, hunter and coach. Steve lives in the shadow of Chatty Belle and shares his thoughts on biking with us from time to time. To read more and see more of his great photography from central Wisconsin, check out Steve's blog On The Edge

9 thoughts on “Fat Biking in a New year

  1. Fat Bikes are for Posers! LIKE ME! Seriously, they are game changing for those of us who put down the Mountain Bike years ago for one reason or another. Steve, you didn’t mention how many times you are stopped when riding it just to answer questions. I think my first week of owning mine I was stopped at least once an hour in Milwaukee.

    If anyone is interested we will be riding at Rays Indoor Mountain Bike park on Fat Tuesday. Many FatBikes will be present and I’m sure someone would let you loan you one for a spin. Search Freaking Fat Tuesday on Facebook for more info.

    • OK, we gotta come together on how we spell it: FatBike, Fat Bike, Fat-Bike, Fatbike? My vote is for FatBike, even if it ain’t grammatical!

  2. Steve: Per the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, no one has federally registered or applied to have federally registered the marks “FAT BIKE” or “FATBIKE,” although in 2011 a company in Vireginia Beach, Virginia did successfully register “FAT SAND BIKE”.

  3. I had never been on a fat bike until this year and I am totally hooked. We ride at CamRock Parks in Cambridge and leave from our shop in Cambridge, CamRock Cafe & Sport (bikes, xc skis, snowshoes, food, coffee, 150+ beers….). We rent fat bikes and the demand has been HUGE. Come join us for a ride!

  4. I am a newbie this year as well. Also totally hooked. I realized the other day that I have not had pedals on my full susser for a couple of months now……ever since my all-terrain bike build was finished.
    A second shout-out for the trail system at CamRock. Great trails with more completed just before the blizzard. Hard to beat a trail system with great beverages and good eats at the trailhead!

  5. Another new fatty rider here. Picked up my 2013 Pugs early in November and my other bikes have been ignored since. Too much fun. I do have to say that fat bike riders are clearly the most friendly bunch on the trail too. Always willing to have a nice chat and are in a great mood. What’s that quote about never being too late to have a happy childhood? Yeah, that sums it up!

    Sounds like I need to venture out to CamRock sometime. Alpha/Crystal, Hoyt/Menomonee, and Muir have all been great so far this winter.

    For those that haven’t heard, there will be an open fatbike class in WORS for 2013. Race twice a day if you’d like. I will be.

  6. Dont forget to visit Levis Mound-we’ve been working hard packing a long loop using a bunch of single track-a good hr+ ride to be sure. SNowshoers are packing the high stuff.

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