2013-2015 Board of Directors Election Now Open

The Wisconsin Bike Fed Board of Directors is happy to announce the opening of the 2013-2015 board of directors’ election. This election will fill six, three-year board positions.

Any member of the Wisconsin Bike Fed is eligible to vote in this year’s board election. The election will take place entirely online. You may vote online at any time until midnight on February 25, 2013.

Click here to VOTE.

In order to vote, you will need to login using your Bike Fed username and password. If you do not know your username and password, you will be able to enter your email address at the beginning of the voting form and have them sent to you. If you have any questions about logging in, you can contact Betsy Popelka Massnick at betsy.massnick@wisconsinbikefed.org or (608) 251-4456 x 3.

Each of the candidates was asked to submit 2 statements:

  1. A description of how your skills/experience would support the Bike Fed’s mission.
  2. Provide a brief biography of yourself.

Answers to the questions were capped at 100 words each. Where applicants exceeded the word limit, their answers were trimmed to meet the requirement.

If you have any question at all regarding the election please send an e-mail to BOD@WisconsinBikeFed.org. Thank you very much for your membership and for your participation in this year’s election.


2013-2015 Board of Director Candidates 

Rick Anderson

1. Mr. Anderson serves as Senior Vice President at Sharecare where he oversees the company’s professional solutions. Rick Anderson has spent the past 18 years in the digital health and wellness arena, working on the startup teams of companies such as WebMD and Sharecare. Founded by Dr. Mehmet Oz, Jeff Arnold, Harpo Productions, Discovery Communications and Sony Pictures, Sharecare’s mission is to enable consumers to ask, learn and act on their questions of health and wellness. Rick is an advisory board member for SXSW Interactive and serves on the Board of Directors for several Wisconsin companies including Alithias and Pinpoint Software.

2. Rick is an active cycling enthusiast, having logged over 4000 miles last season on the bike. Rick is also co-founder of RideMKE, a cycling club whose mission is to encourage everyone to ride regardless of age, gender or experience. RideMKE provides a friendly and encouraging environment for everyone to learn better road cycling skills. In their first season, RideMKE recruited over 170 people to get out and ride together on Thursdays and Saturdays. Rick spends his remaining free time as a Professional Ski instructor Rick enjoys frequent rides with his wife, Dana and their two children, Rick and Katie.


Ron Anderson

1. I have served on many for-profit and non-profit boards of directors and have expertise in planning, budgeting, goal-setting, board/staff relations, fund-raising and public relations. Furthermore as a native and current resident of northern Wisconsin, I understand the unique challenges facing bicyclists in rural areas. We need to get the local communities on our side by promoting bike tourism while working constructively with other user groups. I have a passion for bicycling and a strong desire to help build a bike-friendly Wisconsin. With passion and expertise I will be an effective board member.

2. Born and raised in Chetek WI I have a BS and MS from UW-Madison and MS from U of Michigan. I retired after a 25 year career in financial services with executive-level positions in planning, corporate development, finance and investments. I am now a “professional volunteer”, with service as Chair of Cable Natural History Museum, President Lake Owen Association, and Treasurer of Friends of Wisconsin Public TV. Married 39 years with 2 grown sons, I am an avid road and trail bicyclist, cross-country skier and golfer.


Mike Bark

1. I am a CPA who has operated a successful business as an owner the past (7) years. As such, I believe I bring financial and organization skills to the table. I was also a Member of St. John’s Fine Arts Commission and helped run a golf outing that raised better than $50,000 to endow a scholarship at Carroll. My firm is also very active in Cycling and we sponsor a team of 25 riders who ride in 6-7 charitable events each year. We raised better than $10,000 per year in the 3 years we’ve done this.

2. I’m a lifelong Milwaukee area resident. I graduated UW-M with an accounting degree in 1997 and worked for a variety of firms. In 2006 I founded my own firm and we’ve grown to a 15 person entity. I am married and have two boys.


Paul Bickler

1. Skills. From paper routes, getting around in high school and college and now for recreation; bikes have always been an important part of my life. While riding bikes doesn’t make me qualified to be a board member it does give me an understanding of the challenges of cycling especially in the urban environment. That understanding coupled with my strong planning and communication skills developed through years of leading people in manufacturing operations gives me the right mix of vision and practicality to define, promote and grow cycling in Wisconsin through the mission of the Bike Fed.

2. Biography. I was born and raised in the Chicago area and moved to Waukesha in 1993 from North Carolina. I have been married over 25 years to my wife Cindy who is a registered nurse at Aurora Sinai and have a daughter, Susannah, who is a senior at Wisconsin. I am a graduate of the University of Illinois with a degree in Industrial Engineering and am a plant manager at Eaton’s Cooper Power Systems in Waukesha. I am currently on the board of the Waukesha Education Foundation, a fundraising non-profit organization that benefits the School District of Waukesha.


Tommy Brauneis

1. I WOULD VISIT BIKE SHOPS AND PROVIDE SEMINARS FOR LOCAL SUMMER CAMP GROUPS INVOLVING SAFE FUN CYCLING. make a determined effort to provide helmets for children lacking funds. Start a campaign lobbying for bike lanes such as Madison presently has.

2. I have been riding and racing for 20 years in several different areas of the United States, Tucson and Bolder leading the way although Madison is chasing them. I have made 2 commercials including one for Trek the last year Lance rode. Note: I had the star role, also made a commercial for Crank Daddys on Live TV ch 4. It would be a privilege to serve in this capacity.


Matthew Christen

1. As a life-long cyclist devoted to bicycle advocacy in Onalaska, involved in bicycle education, working with youth in cycling programs including running a middle school bike shop, and supporting Safe Routes To School efforts , I would like to participate in the work of the Bike Fed by being a board member. My interest stems from the belief that bicycling is not only a healthy lifestyle alternative, but a transportation and economic development solution. I believe that we are at a threshold where we need to expand the conversation to include more stakeholders in the process of broadening advocacy efforts.

2. My background includes 26 years as an educator, eight years as director of the OnaBike Association, an LCI, created and supervise Logan Bike Works in La Crosse, participating in Pioneering Healthier Communities-a part of the local YMCA advocating for healthier lifestyle changes, and conducting bicycle education workshops/classes. I am a nationally certified facilitator for Developmental Designs, which focuses on empowering students through empowering teachers. other accomplishments include spearheading a Complete Streets Policy for Onalaska, Pedestrian Task Force in La Crosse, and volunteering in active living events in the La Crosse area.


Robert Eierman

1. I, Bob Eierman, will bring a passion for developing an excellent bicycling system in Wisconsin to the Bike Fed Board. For the past 5 years, I have been a member and chair of the Eau Claire Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Commission. I have been a leader as we passed an award-winning Bike Pedestrian Plan, have been designated as a bronze-level bike friendly community and passed a bike parking ordinance. I have also worked with UW-Eau Claire to develop a bike-friendly university. I will represent west-central Wisconsin on the Board and work to make our transportation system more sustainable and healthy.

2. I grew up in the progressive state of Wisconsin and graduated from UW-La Crosse. I have lived in Eau Claire for 30 years, raising a family and working as a Chemistry professor at UW-Eau Claire. I have enjoyed outdoor sports, including camping, canoeing and bicycling all my life. I have come to realize that our way of life is unsustainable and have become active in work on changing the ways we travel. I have become a clean commuter and have worked diligently within the city and university to change minds and policies and to build a sustainable transportation system.


Patrick Gallagher

1. As a long-time cyclist I always—and insist others around me—practice safe bicycling habits, whatever the route. As an advocate I’ve taken and will continue to take that message with me as MC at cycling events including the Saris Gala, Ride the Drive, Trek 100 and the US National Transplant Games. I’ve also used my position in the media and triathlon community to promote safe, respectful riding to local training groups in an effort to ease tensions between cyclists and the surrounding community. I’ll also continue to work with local government officials in creating a better, more bike-friendly Wisconsin.

2. A life-long resident of Wisconsin, I am an Oregon High School and UW-Platteville graduate. Since then I’ve worked exclusively in Madison radio, and have been Program Director and “midday guy” at 105.5 Triple M since 1992. I’ve won numerous industry awards and have had the privilege of getting to know some of the biggest names in music. My long-time cycling hobby has led to a triathlon obsession; I’ve completed three Ironman Wisconsin races and recently travelled to Ireland for Ironman Ireland 70.3. A resident of Middleton, I’ve been married 25 years to my college sweetheart Laura.


Peter Gray

1. I’ve been a proud Bike Fed member and volunteer for one simple reason: I know that when I get on a bike in the state of Wisconsin, the Bike Fed has got my back. I’ve learned that building relationships is the key to getting things done. My cycling-related advocacy and fundraising (along with my actual cycling) have connected me with a terrific network of Wisconsin cyclists, leaders, influencers, planners and organizers in business, government, the bicycle industry, and advocacy groups. Let’s prove to more Wisconsinites that when they get on a bike, the Bike Fed has got their back.

2. A year-round bicycle commuter and recreational cyclist, I live in Madison and work as Director of Executive Search at The QTI Group. I chair Downtown Madison Inc.’s Bicycle Sub-committee, advocating for facilities, policies and programs to make Madison more bike-friendly. I also chair the event committee for Dane County’s biggest one-day charity ride, Bike For Boys & Girls Club.
On weekends, my wife Jen and our three kids join me for family bike rides – sometimes joyfully, sometimes grudgingly. And of course, I have a bunch of bikes. Most are vintage rescues I lovingly restored. Don’t get me started!


Dan Gray

1. I encourage bicycling for environmental reasons and because of its positive impacts on community and personal health. While working at the Urban Ecology Center I helped incorporate biking into the Center’s programming and I helped devise the Eco Buck incentive program for employees. In my role as Outdoor Recreation Coordinator at Carroll I have helped install bike racks on campus, encouraged increased student biking, established a bike rental program and a bike repair shop. I represented Carroll’s support of the city of Waukesha’s Bike-Pedestrian plan, and am helping promote Waukesha becoming a more bike friendly community.

2. I grew up in Indiana, spending as much time outside as possible, camping, canoeing, hiking and biking. I have been a high school social studies teacher, environmental educator, and outdoor trip leader. I worked at the Urban Ecology Center for five and half years, served on the board of Milwaukee Riverkeeper for 9 years, and currently work as the Outdoor Recreation Coordinator at Carroll University in Waukesha.


Clayton Griessmeyer

1. What I hope to bring to the Bike Fed: I will bring a good sense of humor and the ability to listen to people and their ideas. I will bring a positive attitude and my motivation to always learn more about bikes, bike laws, and bike safety issues. I will also bring my fairly unique ability to help enforce current bicycle laws by representing bicyclists throughout courts in the state of Wisconsin. I only represent people, not insurance companies or the government.

2. Biography: Biking is a great source of enjoyment and I enjoy rides with friends, commuting, cross races, bike camping, and everything in between. I am a bicycle injury lawyer and represent bicyclists who get injured in collisions with cars. I have given back to the community by sponsoring races and clubs, volunteering with the Bike Fed and Dream Bikes, offering $500 off attorney fees to Bike Fed members, and have represented several bicyclists for free. I am very interested in learning more about bike safety issues and recently completed the Wisconsin DOT teaching safe bicycling course. I maintain http://www.madisonbikeblog.com.


Paul Gutelius

1. I will bring to the Board a wheel-eye view of bicycling and a realistic view of operating an organization. I am familiar with some of the challenges that arise running non-profits (see bio) especially taking on new challenges. I have handled all functions of a for-profit business for decades (see bio). I would love to represent the unconnected bicyclists and to help support the Bike Fed’s mission to forward bicycling in Wisconsin.

2. I founded, operated, sold and retired from a Wisconsin software development company over the course of 30 years. I have worked with Treasures of Oz (.org) since it was started in 2009, now acting as volunteer coordinator across all eight 2013 Ozaukee county sites; and serve on the steering committee that plans the one-day activity June 15. I serve on the Strategic Planning committee of the Ozaukee Treasures Network and the Ozaukee Interurban Trail Advisory Council. I am mostly a solo rider and mock bicycle tourist.

Michael Hammond

1. In my current role at Trek Bicycles I lead a group of designers in search of better product solutions to make riders’ lives easier both on and off the bike. My skills as a designer, researcher, my understanding of the industry, and being a strong advocate for urban cycling support my leadership role at Trek. My strong cycling-centered background would put me in a position to add great value, perspective and expertise to the board. In summary I am a contributor and I don’t like to sit on the sidelines – I am known for taking action rather than talking it.

2. My life has been connected to the bicycle as long as I can remember. I grew up in Wisconsin riding across counties, and then during my time in Kentucky and Texas I had new ride experiences. I currently live and ride with my family and friends in Madison and cycling is still a priority. Over my past ten years at Trek I have grown from a technical role (designer) to a leading role as a manager, mentor, and cycling advocate – I have enjoyed maturing over the years as a rider!

Dave Jablonowski

1. I have a passion for cycling starting from my childhood. I have raced competitively off and on since 1984 in road, mountain and cyclocross events in the US and abroad. I also worked in the bicycle industry for many years including retail with Wheel&Sprocket and consulting for Trek during my time as a public accountant. In all my time and travels I’ve come to truly appreciate the wonderful system of both bicycle infrastructure (roads, trails) and industry that is unique to WI. We need to work hard to improve on this legacy and not take it for granted.

2. I understand cycling inside and out in the state of WI. Having worked at Wheel&Sprocket in my early days and later as a finance and tax advisor for Trek. I also understand the need for combined industry, government & community involvement and engagement. These go hand in hand in making WI the great cycling State it is. I am currently a finance executive with GE based in Wauwatosa. I also manage and race on the Hollander/Benelux cycling team. My hope is to build on the tremendous legacy we have inherited and make it even better.

Amy Kazilsky

1. Skills/experience: Forget the post office – neither snow nor rain nor heat nor darkness keep me off my bicycle. I ride year round and I am an active member of Ride MKE, regularly participate in and volunteer for Bike Fed events, and advocate for the many benefits of cycling. I have volunteered and worked in the nonprofit sector for more than 20 years, and understand the unique challenges such organizations face. Ultimately, I want to contribute to making Wisconsin an even better place for cycling.

2. Bio: When not riding, I annoy my colleagues at the Betty Brinn Children’s Museum disguised as the Director of Education. I am married and have two sons, and the family menagerie has been reduced to one dog, two cats, several marine fish, a snake and dust bunnies too numerous to count.

Tom Lais

1. As a finance person I have an acute understanding of what it takes to frame up arguments for funding a mission like the Bike Fed. In addition I am an LCI #2828 who is engaged in bike safety from both the operator and infrastructure point of view. I have recently been invited to speak on behalf of the US at the first annual winter cycling conference in Oulu, Finland. As a reference I have sat on the board of directors for Transportation For Livable Communities, a Twin Cities based non-profit that advocates bike, walk and public transportation as alternatives to cars.

2. I was born and raised in Minnesota, went to St. John’s university where I received a B/A in Accounting. My career out of college brought me to Ashland Wisconsin and then out to Billings Montana where I enjoyed the out doors. Recently (7 years) I became interested in cycling as first a hobby and then as a means for almost all my transportation needs. I can honestly say that since moving to Milwaukee I have enjoyed the many trails and exciting rides through some off-road areas. I know the City and surrounding communities by bicycle and have to say

Harrison Loveall

1. After losing 70 pounds and gaining a new life as a result of cycling, I understand the dedication and benefit to not giving up on goals. I will bring my passion for life and desire to inspire others to reach their goals by serving through example. I strongly believe that my generation desires a means to save money by cycling to work and around town, improve their quality of life and to lessen their environmental footprint to create a better future for our children.

2. I am a retail sales manager for a coffee company that embraces an active lifestyle and understands the need for balancing work and life. I grew up in the Appleton area and went to college in Stevens Point where I fell in love with cycling. My favorite cycling experience was cycling 250 miles of the Scottish coast on my own. I am expecting a boy in May that I hope will take to cycling like I have.


Mark Maffitt

1. I have served on the board of directors and as vice president of the Southern Wisconsin Chapter of Trout Unlimited (a grass-roots organization dedicated to conservation of cold, clean water). I have also served the Bombay Bicycle Club as a board member, vice president and president (current). Both of these organizations are driven by grass-roots volunteers, and my leadership experience within them has taught me how to recruit, motivate and retain volunteers. These experiences have also taught me how to get things done within grassroots organizations. In 2012, I logged 20 hours volunteering for the Bike Fed.

2. I am a cycling zealot motivated by a strong desire to reduce my waistline and my carbon footprint while having a lot of fun. Cycling is the perfect solution for me, and I understand how to spread the cycling message to those who have not yet taken the cycling plunge. Though I cycled a lot as a kid and as a young adult, I neglected my cycling interest through my middle years and I got fat. After rediscovering my love of the bike, I lost over 60 pounds. My wheels, knees, and heart feel much less strain now.


Rick McKenna

1. I have over twenty years of experience as a lawyer in business and as a volunteer supporting charitable and non-profit organizations. Giving back to the community in which my family works and lives is vitally important to me. My business and volunteer experience should bring a valuable perspective to the Bike Fed Board. With this experience, enthusiasm, and contacts in the business community, I hope to be able to help the Bike Fed Board respond to challenges and move forward in achieving its goals.

2. I have been practicing law for nearly 25 years and a partner at Foley & Lardner for 15 years. When I am not working, biking is a key element of my life in the form of exercise (triathlons and group rides), recreation, and a periodic 30 mile commute to work. Biking is a passion which I have passed on to my family as evidenced by the nearly 15 bikes in our garage (racing, mountain, road, commuter and a fixie) and now I want to give something back to the biking community.


Alex Sansone

1. One of the best ways to discover Wisconsin is by bike, in both urban and rural settings. I’ve been exploring the state this way for many years. I’d like to combine this passion for cycling with my professional skills to help connect great ideas with the resources to expand everyone’s ability to access our great state by bicycle. My specific goals include expanding the Oak Leaf trail from Estabrook Park northwest, improving access from Bay View into Milwaukee and expanding the use of social media to solicit the community’s ideas and turn them into action, fueling interest in cycling.

2. It all started in the alley behind my house, two wheels and a push, then I fell. My love of cycling began. This passion has grown into a dedicated hobby, which leads me to ride about 2,500 miles on Wisconsin’s rail trails and rustic roads each year. I often bike down the beautiful Hank Aaron trail to downtown Milwaukee, where I work as a CPA. I am very grounded in the community, having earned my Master’s from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. I also participate in multiple charity rides annually, including Wisconsin’s MS150.


Joseph Schlaefer

1&2. I do have a lot of respect for everyone that does make bike riding more enjoyable for everyone. And AAA is also concerned about safety issues between bikes and automobiles (trucks, cars or vans or other motorized vehicles on the road). Safety is not only for drivers (if you are on the phone or combing your hair or ……… you are not concentrating on the road and you could very easily hit another object (car, bike or) same goes for bikes. I have seen people on bikes talking on their phones and almost hitting other bikes or pedestrians “the conversation is more important than what is on the trail or street that this bike rider is on”. So that is where I come in “safety first”. Because what good are the trails if the people who use them are on the phone (could careless about nature or other people). The trails are only good if everyone does respect the other people “bikes, pedestrians, elderly people and those that need to use wheel chairs or other wheels because they cannot walk”. A bike rider did almost hit my vehicle when I had a green light and the bike rider went through.


Mark Thompson

1. Like other Wisconsin Bike Fed members, I am passionate about bicycling AND desire to build a healthy, vibrant Wisconsin. I believe I can add value to the WBF board in two ways: 1) as a consumer products marketer with 25 years of experience growing brands and businesses, I can add perspective on strategic planning and marketing outreach programs; and, 2) as an aging baby boomer who appreciates bicycling as a way to stay physically active, I can help identify new ways that the Wisconsin Bike Federation can reach out to the 50+ demographic to attract new participants, advocates and members.

2. Originally from Philadelphia, I feel fortunate to have ‘discovered’ Wisconsin almost 25 years ago and now can’t imagine living anywhere else! My partner and I are avid recreational bikers and can be found most Spring, Summer and Fall weekends on trails and back roads throughout the state. My career has been in consumer marketing (SC Johnson, Harley Davidson) in the U.S. and abroad. After turning 50, I became inspired to re-direct my passion for innovation towards products and programs that can keep us all active as we age. I will earn a graduate degree in Gerontology at UW-Milwaukee this spring.


Jeffrey Trepanier

1 & 2. I’d like to take a moment of your time to briefly summarize why I am applying for the position of Board Member. First of all, I am a team player. In my recent job — Branch Manager Trillium Staffing — I have been in the position of both managing and participating in teams, initiating initiatives and driving them to completion. I feel this would be a valuable skill to bring to The Wisconsin Bike Fed. I also have been a biker all my life and during the past eight years have been an active triathlete. During these eight years I have joined IMBA, Metro Mountain Bikers, Ozaukee County Mountain Bikers, and a member and board member of the Redline Triathlon Club. I have developed many associations reaching out over a large geographic area bordered by Milwaukee, Madison, Oshkosh, Sheboygan, and Port Washington. I am experienced. I have thirty years plus in the professional world that will be of great value to The Wisconsin Bike Fed. I have contacts in the industry. I don’t want to brag, but I have exchanged email with people at a number of bike-related stores, clubs, and organizations. I network well, and have a sizable vocabulary, plus I


Nicholas Utphall

1 and 2. My biography and my interest in the board overlap a lot. I grew up in Eau Claire and for the past eight years have been a pastor at St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church in Monona. A year-round bike commuter from my home on Madison’s east side, I am also able to use great bike paths and routes to visit parishioners at hospitals and such. More, in my role as a faith leader, I focus often about climate change. It is a position to speak and work for change, to hold up hopeful solutions, and to begin modeling them–to be healthier, to relieve stress, to get out and enjoy creation.


Melissa Vernon

1. I have been the leader of the OconomoWalk & Bike committee for the past two years and a volunteer prior to that. Our committee partners with local city officials, community members, and local businesses to make Oconomowoc a better and more bike friendly city. I have experience hosting family-friendly bike tours, securing a grant to purchase bike racks, developing maps of local bike routes, and developing a partnership with the City of Oconomowoc. My real world experiences working in my local community to increase cycling will be valuable to the Bike Federation.

2. In 2012, I became the 6th American female member of the Club des Cinglés du Mont Ventoux (France), completing three ascents in a single day with 14,000 feet of climbing. I am the Director of Sustainability for a $1 billion global manufacturer, working to make the world a better place, drawing from a rigorous educational background (MBA/Masters Environmental Policy). I lead change by empowering people to be at their best, being inclusive, and striving towards serving the greater common good. I am skilled at connecting people and ideas and being resourceful in the face of constraints and obstacles.


Tom Walsh

1. My goal if elected would be to help better connect the Bike Fed to the Fox Valley taking NE Wisconsin to the next level. I would also work to create a state with little internal division. For the past eight years I’ve worked to promote bicycling and bicycle facilities in the Fox Valley as a board member of Fox Cities Greenways teaching me who (both local officials and those of influence) to work with and how to work with them. This coupled with my civil engineering background will help to improve conditions for bicyclists in Wisconsin.

2. Married to Ellen Walsh. Two sons, Bill (Army) and Jack, (junior at Kimberly HS). Grew up in NW suburbs of Chicago. Career Move to Wisconsin, Minnesota and back to Wisconsin. Appleton resident for twelve years. Currently a Civil Engineering Project Manager. Eight years on Fox Cities Greenways board promoting bicycling and trail development. Accomplishments include bringing Bike Week to Appleton in 2005, having four mayors sign one letter to create a complete street connecting Appleton and Neenah through the City and Town of Menasha and getting the Village of Little Chute to re-affirm support for their bike/ped plan.


David Waters

1. As a bicycle enthusiast, I believe that bicycling is part of the solution to pretty much every problem we face as a society. In my work as a pediatrician, I see an alarming number of patients and families who are overweight and unfit. Bicycling is a simple solution to helping them live a healthier lifestyle. Bicycling is good for the environment reducing auto emissions and traffic congestion. Bicycling is a huge boom to the economy in Wisconsin providing enormous revenue and jobs. Bicycling is good for the heart and the soul. Riding makes people healthier and happier. And Wisconsin is

2. I live in Shorewood, WI and I am an avid bicyclist. I bicycle commute to my job as a pediatrician at the 16th Street Community Health Center. I ride with a Shorewood road bike group: The Mighty Muffin Men and I also ride with the recently formed bicycle group: Ride MKE. I am co-founder of the Greater Shorewood Bikers and we successfully applied for and received the Bicycle Friendly Community designation for Shorewood from the League of American Bicyclists. At the 16th Street Community Health Center, we just submitted our application to get the designation as a Bicycle Friendly Business.


Josh Zepnick

1. In particular I feel my experience as a state legislator working on transportation issues and having a record of bringing state/federal dollars back to the area I represent to further build a better, and safer bike friendly atmosphere will be a welcome desire by this board. Making sure there is safety involved as we expand throughout Wisconsin is important to me. In fact, a member of my immediate family was tragically killed while riding a bike and I’m aware of a growing number of similar situations. My work serving on the Tourism Committee gives me the insight in knowing what

2. Born in Milwaukee; Married. I graduated from Rufus King H.S., went on to receive my Bachelors from UW-Madison in 1990 and a Masters at the University of Minnesota in 1998. I’ve served as a former project consultant for several organizations and initiatives including; the Milwaukee Jobs Initiative, the Milwaukee Community Service Corps, and the Urban Economic Development Association of Wisconsin. In addition I also served as a research associate at the Center for Democracy and Citizenship. I’ve represented Milwaukee’s South Side in the State Assembly since first being elected in 2002

About Kevin Hardman, Former Executive Director

Kevin is the former Executive Director of the Wisconsin Bike Fed. He lives in Wauwatosa with his wife and three daughters. Kevin is happiest on a bike, any type of bike!

3 thoughts on “2013-2015 Board of Directors Election Now Open

  1. Kevin,
    Thank-You for including my name “on the list of people interested in the board”. If I am not “elected” could I still help promote safety for drivers and bike riders? And go to places where people need to hear this about this?

    Joseph Schlaefer

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