Who else is sick of freezing rain?

Seriously, more freezing rain?  I don’t mind cold. I can deal with wind. I actually enjoy snow, but I am done with riding to work on rivers of ice. This morning the trail was so iced over that even with my studded tires, I was slipping going up hill. I never fell, but I definitely needed to control my speed and avoid any sudden accelerations or turns.


Just another day on the ice trail to work.

I can remember plenty of ice storms, but never a winter that had so many repeated bouts of rain and ice. Perhaps it is all part of the new extreme weather. Let’s see, 47 degrees and rain for my ride home yesterday and a windy 19 degrees with light snow for my commute to work this morning. Any cycling meteorologists out there want to comment on this?

How about you? Are you sick of it too?

About Dave Schlabowske, Deputy Director

Dave was the first full-time staff member hired to open the Bike Fed's Milwaukee office 15 years ago. A former professional photographer and life-long Milwaukee resident, Dave likes wool, long rides, sour beer, and a good polar vortex once in a while.

13 thoughts on “Who else is sick of freezing rain?

  1. Now that I have studs on my tires I don’t mind the ice, they actually make the ride exciting not to mention a cool noise. The 30MPH headwind this morning on the other hand I could do without!

  2. Get a trike! :-))
    With studded tires and a fairing.
    Or is my reply a little too smug and self-serving?
    I’ll be quiet now.

    BTW Sorry about your spill.

  3. I’m sick of having to ride my winter bike, but biking on the ice with studded tires continually surprises me with how secure it feels.

    If it were an option, I’d gladly take the icy glaze over a couple inches (or more) of slush.

    Well, on bike, anyway. I’ve apologetically passed walkers without dismounting because it felt so much more dangerous on foot than it did on a bike with studded tires.

  4. I can’t tell you how glad I am to see this post. Here I thought I was just being a baby for getting kinda sick of it (particularly since, without studded tires, these icy days are no-ride days for me). My sincere appreciation!

  5. Very over it……I’ve fallen more this year than any of my going on 5 years of nearly being car(e)free. I’ve already gone through almost 2 sheets of bus tickets. I’ve had brakes and derailleur cables freeze and become useless in the temperature swings….I generally love winter but this year I can’t wait for my least favorite month of April.

  6. I’m with Clay…better the ice than the slush or snow. I feel more secure on fresh ice than I do in thick snow or snow-the-next-day-mini-glacier. But, really, I’m with you, I’m tired of winter. I’m looking forward to riding again without hearing the buzz of studs.

  7. I ran to work yesterday on the Oak Leaf Trail, it was probably the most dangerous I’ve ever seen it. A snow plow passed me at one point, and I was thankful for that, but it didn’t really do any good for the glaze of ice and freezing puddles. I almost fell several times and did not feel safe. Bring on spring, please.

    • Madison sands the icy trails. I think Minneapolis does too. I think that might be a solution to our new winters that have so much freezing rain.

  8. You’re right Dave – I log my riding in a basic spreadsheet (I’m kind of a geek like that) and this winter has been notable compared to previous years because of the big temperature swings. I was happy this morning (Feb 20th) to see the Oak Leaf Trail was salted and clear, but the low lying areas (where the water can’t easily drain away) are still pretty rough — and I’m using studded tires too.

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