National Bike to School Day is May 8th

Last year Fernwood Montessori had 41 bikers and over 100 walkers celebrate the event even on a rainy morning! The Bike Fed is working to help the school find more secure bike parking racks.

Wednesday, May 8th is National Bike to School Day and schools across the Wisconsin will host events encouraging youth and families to try bicycling, walking and skating to school. For some families this is just a regular day in their normal routine, for others it is an opportunity to try new viable, healthy transportation options and spend some quality time getting exercise together and with other families.

This year the Bike Fed is working closely with four focus schools participating in Bike to School Day. Fernwood Montessori, Clement Avenue School, Maryland Avenue Montessori, and Fairview Charter Elementary. I am helping parents and staff at each school organize their events and set up remote drop off locations so kids who live to far to walk or bike can still participate with classmates. Art students at each school are making banners and poster to promote and parade with during the event. Schools are also creating safety pledges for students to sign and agree to walk and bike safely and more often. We also have invited local representatives such as  Ald. Nik Kovak, Rep. Jon Richards, Rep. Christine Sinicki, and Sen. Chris Larson to our events to show them how much their constituents want to have opportunities to walk and bike in their neighborhoods.

Students check in to get their congratulations sticker and sign a pledge saying they will walk or bike to school safely and more often

In the 2012 National Bike to School Day, as part of National Bike Month, 950 schools in 49 states across the U.S. encouraged children to safely bicycle or walk to school. Many communities and schools have been holding spring walk and bicycle to school events for years. National Bike to School Day provides an opportunity for schools across the country to join together and to build on the energy of National Bike Month. This year looks to expand even more and continue to build on past and present successes.

Sign up your school at for access to great resources to hold a Bike to School Day event. There is still time!

If your school is in Milwaukee contact me for assitance

In Madison contact: Sonia Dubielzig

In the Fox Valley contact: Mellisa Kraemer-Badke

In La Crosse Contact: Virginia Loehr


The exercise and self confidence kids get walking and biking to school (even in the rain) is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

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