Better Biking in Greater Milwaukee

What ideas to do you have for making biking better?

More than 80 people showed up to make a difference at the Milwaukee Bike Advocacy Team meeting a few weeks ago. Thanks to all who came and offered many  ideas to make Milwaukee a better place for bicycling including:

Take this poll to help set the direction for Milwaukee area bike advocacy.  We need you to speak out and let us know what you care about and show up to help build the bike community we all want to see.

This Milwaukee area effort is about the Bike Fed helping to connect people and growing a network of better local bike advocates to create the bike friendly communities we all want to see. The Bike Fed cannot effect this kind of change all over the state without the help of interested individuals in who want to improve their community for bicycling. We must create grassroots groups of indivduals that are effective at making change that has an impact.

Please join us for the next Milwaukee Bike Advocacy Team meeting on Monday, June 3rd as we work to move these ideas and the poll results into action.

This group is be no means exclusive to Milwaukee, please come and represent any other SE Wisconsin communities.  I would love to see committees sprout up to work on other specific locations from Bayside to West Milwaukee.

At the next meeting we will break into teams based on areas of interest and work to develop plans to guide our collective actions over the next year.  I encourage people to step up and lead a team on an issue that is important to them.

  • Want to see more people riding?
  • Want you ride to be more enjoyable?
  • Want Milwaukee and surrounding areas to benefit from reduced traffic congestion and asthma rates  and enjoy improved health and vibrant local economies?
  • What do you want to work on to make Milwaukee a better place to bike?
  • What changes would you like to see?


It’s time to move our ideas to action

Join us, vote, show up, and get active.

Milwaukee Bike Advocacy Team Meeting

Monday, June 3rd
Cunningham G40 (1921 E. Hartford Avenue, on the UWM campus)

Please RSVP via the poll.

2 thoughts on “Better Biking in Greater Milwaukee

  1. It is also important to maintain the streets before someone “sinks into some of the pot holes”. People need employment also, and with all the companies leaving the area.

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