Bike Fed Announces New Educational Programming

Prior to joining the Wisconsin Bike Fed, I was consistently approached by friends and acquaintances who knew I was an avid bicycle commuter to help them begin their own journey from a bicycle. From picking out the right bicycle to determining the best route to get from point A to point B, it was clear that within my community there is a strong interest in bicycling as transportation.

What I realized rather quickly was that while I am not an expert in all aspects of bicycle commuting, the wonderful network of resources available to us here in Madison had made it rather easy for me to choose to commute by bicycle. This past spring I launched a four part workshop with the hope of sharing these resources with others called Choose To Commute. This four part workshop included the following workshops:

Why Commute? – The persuasive argument including economic, environmental, health, and social reasons why we choose to commute by bicycle.

Gearing Up! – This workshop focused on the gear you need for a fun and efficient commute.

Rules of the Road – Rules of the Road engaged city leaders and offered opportunities for participants to ask specific questions about the rules of the road and how to ensure they have a safe commute.

Group Ride – The final workshop was a group ride, getting us all out on the road.

I am pleased to announce that we at the Wisconsin Bike Fed, along with our partners Sustain Dane and Planet Bike are going to continue these workshops this summer and beyond. Each month on the first Tuesday, we will be meeting at Redamte (449 State St, Upstairs) and covering the above topics and ending in a group ride. Each month will feature a different special guest speaker with a different perspective making these workshops interesting for new and veteran commuters alike. The best part, all participants will receive a light pack compliments of Planet Bike!

As the new Dane County Director, I see education as one of our greatest opportunities. It is my hope that we will be able to engage the student and young professional population on the isthmus in hopes of encouraging and empowering new riders to choose to commute by bicycle, as well as educating current riders about the rules to ensure a safe commuter for all road users.

First Choose To Commute Event: July 2nd at 6:30pm at Redamte (449 State St, Upstairs, Madison, WI 53703)

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3 thoughts on “Bike Fed Announces New Educational Programming

  1. As an avid biker, and recent immigrant to Milwaukee… I’d love to go to this. Unfortunately, it is in Madison, not Milwaukee, which is a bit far for a post-workday bike ride to get to. Is there anyway y’all would offer something like this in Milwaukee County?

    • Hi David,

      Welcome to Milwaukee, we have had some similar classes/rides in the 414. We are just now undergoing some staff changes in the Milwaukee office, and don’t yet have our local ambassador in place. We hope to have someone hired very soon who can implement a similar program. In fact, these classes could be run by any of our regional ambassadors anywhere in Wisconsin. Madison is just first to get the program going. Like most of our programs, we try to implement them everywhere we have staff. Stay tuned to this Bike Fed channel for details on classes near you soon.

  2. Great new initiative. I enjoyed meeting several attendees the other evening. Question: are you still doing the “neighborhood rides”? If so, could the organizer contact me? THANKS!

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