25th Anniversary Fat Bike Winner!

On May 1st, 2013 the WI Bike Fed kicked off it’s a membership drive at 30 different bicycle retailers, around the state to celebrate our 25th anniversary.  The program allows non-members to join at their local bicycle retailer, and for existing members to renew locally, all for the reduced rate of $25.   The partnership just makes sense knowing that bicycle retailers are on the front lines servicing the cycling community on a daily basis. Retailers are selling memberships all year long, and in the month of May & June the WI Bike Fed gave away some great prizes for their efforts.

Here are the prizes given away and the winners:

Bill Santoski with his sweet new Moonlander.

1st Place Prize was a Fat Bike (Image) won by Bill Santoski of Wheel & Sprocket in Appleton

Here is what motivates Bill to encourage people to join the Bike Fed:

“I’m happy that I was able to have a positive impact on your membership drive!  I was motivated by all the good work that the Bike Fed does to promote cycling and cyclist safety, from securing trail funding to safety legislation to event promotion. A strong member base is needed to make those things happen, and additional members help to strengthen the organization”.   As someone who is passionate about cycling and working in the industry, I also see the big picture: encouraging more people to get on a bike, whether for fun, fitness, transportation, or time with family, has many positive impacts that ripple through the economy, environment and health care system. More people involved in cycling is also good for Wheel & Sprocket’s business.”

2nd Place Prize was a Flat Screen T.V. (Image) won by Larry Find of Stadium Bikes in Green Bay

Here is what Larry Fink had to say when asked;

1) What motivated you to sell so many WI Bike Fed Memberships?

I want my customers to have the best world class bicycling experience in Wisconsin. The Bike Fed helps me do that. From the legislative efforts to help Cyclists to the event Guide Book as well as exclusive events made available and the Discounts at 100’s of dealers around the state, the Bike Fed leads the way. I find my Bike Fed member customers return to my store on a regular basis and many have become good friends.

2) What did you say to your customers to encourage them to sign up for a membership?

When closing a sale I will often ask if my customer is presently a Bike Fed member and eligible for the 10% discount on regularly priced accessories. If they are not yet members, I present them with one of the 3×5 Bike Fed cards. I explain how the Bike Fed is an advocacy group for cyclists. I sometimes use the analogy of ” If they were for Animals, they would be somewhere between PETA and The Safari Club International. They both like animals but for different reasons. The Wisconsin Bike Fed is for bicyclists in our state.” I use the tall Wis. Bike Fed poster that highlights many accomplishments to enforce the good that has been done to date.

I point out that if they were to join on-line it would cost $35.00, yet in my store it would be only $25.00, a $10 savings. If it applies, I explain how the membership may be nearly no additional cost with the 10% discount and in some cases will save them out of pocket money. I stress that the opportunity for discounts on non-sale marked accessories is for the entire membership year at 100’s of dealers and it can be applied today. I have the ability to issue them a temporary membership card immediately and that their Annual card will arrive in the snail mail to the address we have in their customer record, (that I always verify.)

I often mention that one customer had joined simply to support cycling in Wisconsin. As it turned out he would often mention to his wife what a great value the membership was in discounts alone, having repaid their investment many times over. My existing Bike Fed customers are delighted when I tell them that they can renew at the $25.00 rate in my store.

To the folks that say “No Thanks, not today” I offer them an information card to take home and suggest they explore the Bike Fed website and a pleasant smile thanking them for their business.

When finishing a transaction with a new or long time Bike Fed member in addition to thanking them for their business I give them a hearty Thank You for supporting bicycling in Wisconsin.

3rd Place Price was $100 cash won by Peter Coons of Wheel & Sprocket in Appleton

4th Place Price was $50 cash won by  Deb Santoski of Wheel & Sprocket in Appleton

5th Place Price was $50 cash won by Kristen Eggebrecht of Wheel & Sprocket in Appleton


Thanks again to all who participated, and keep on asking “are you a member of the WI Bike Fed”.


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