Iowa County Moves Forward with Subcommittee

Ordinance could mean an end to organized rides in Iowa County
Advocacy in action: community opposes Iowa County ordinance

On Tuesday November 12th, the Iowa County Transportation Committee held a meeting to discuss further how to proceed with the development of subcommittee to assist with the creation of a special events ordinance. The decision to create a subcommittee was made at their meeting on October 28th, in which overwhelming public opposition shared their concerns with the ordinance as proposed.


According to Craig E. Hardy, Iowa County Highway Commissioner, the meeting included the following motions:


1. Motion to create an Advisory non-voting panel of six stakeholder members to assist the Transportation Committee with review and creation of an Ordinance to regulate special events.


2. Motion for the Transportation Committee Chair and the Highway Commissioner to determine the six members from those who have expressed interest in participation in creation of an Ordinance.


According to Hardy – the Transportation Committee Chair determined the membership of the Advisory Committee would include one representative each county governmental entity that expressed an interest, as well as one member from each of the stakeholder groups that expressed concern over the proposed ordinance and an interest in helping shape a more workable ordinance. The Committee decided to include the following individuals on the Advisory Committee:


Tom McGraw – Town of Ridgeway

Scot Gafney – Town of Brigham

John Wright – Town of Arena

Stewart Schilling – Organizer of the Dairyland Dare, Bicycling Community

Tom Johnston – Fall Art Tour, Economic Development

Jason Lawinger – President of Loners MC, Motorcycle Community


We are confident this committee will come together and develop an ordinance that addresses the concerns of Iowa County residents and law enforcement in a manor that doesn’t negatively impact the countless events that businesses, individuals, and communities have come to appreciate in the county. We look forward  to continuing to support this committee in their efforts to keep cycling in Iowa County.


We will keep you posted as more information is available.


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One thought on “Iowa County Moves Forward with Subcommittee

  1. The biggest question I have is why is a non-competitive bicycle tour in which the roads are not closed; no special permissions (such as ignoring stop signs, etc) are requested; and no significant police present is required considered to be a “special event” and in need of regulation?  This is a transparent ploy by the county to increase its revenue flow through the imposition of fees necessary to issue these “permits”.

    Just curious; if the Richland Center High School were to playing in the WIAA basketball or football finals in Madison and their supporters caravanned en masse down Highway 14 to the UW-Fieldhouse or Camp Randall Stadium, would that also be a “special event” requiring a special permit and all the related rigamarole?  And if not, why not?

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