New additions to the Bike Fed Board of Directors

On behalf of the staff and the entire Bike Fed community, I want to welcome five new board members (Chris Fortune, Julian Kegel, Daniel Goldberg, Bill Hauda & Gigi Koenig) and congratulate Robbie Webber on her reelection to another three-year term.

I also want to thank Brian Anderson, Ron Anderson, Mary Ebeling, Matthew Christen and Ted Galloway who are leaving the board for their great service to our organization.

This year we had a record number of candidates (35) and a record number of votes (over 500!). This is an indication of the excitement our members feel about our work. So to everyone who put their names forward and to everyone who voted a hearty thank you!

Brief profiles of our winners are below.

Chris Fortune

Madison, WI
For nearly 25 years Chris has been President of Saris Cycling Group in Madison, an industry leader committed to bicycle advocacy.

Chris’s greatest passions are creating safe places for people to ride bikes whether they are 8 or 80, and helping children most in need. Chris has been involved in advocacy work on the local, state and national level for over 20 years. In 2010 he spearheaded a bicycle transportation study (now the Green Lane Project) for Madison leaders to learn firsthand about world class bicycling cities.

On the state level, Chris has worked closely with the Bike Fed raising over $830,000 through the annual Saris Gala, the largest single night bicycle advocacy fundraiser in the United States. He also has served as chair (appointed by Governor Thompson) of the Governor’s Bicycle Coordinating Council for over 10 years, has served on the board for DreamBikes since its inception, and has served as President of the national coalition, Bikes Belong (now People for Bikes,) working to put more people on bikes more often. He finished his term at People for Bikes in 2012 after over 10 years of service. Chris currently serves as President on the Board for the Boys & Girls Club.

Julian Kegel

Milwaukee, WI
My commitment to cycling goes far beyond the places I have pedaled. It is laced into the lifestyle I was born into, and tied to the work that I continue to thrive on. My experience in retail, logistics and mechanical support on many of Wisconsin’s non-profit bike rides has helped to heighten my awareness of issues facing riders, and understand the needs of all types of cyclists. My concentration in sustainable community development focused my schooling on what Portland does well and to bring home lessons for the future of Wisconsin.

For 15 years I have used my immersion in many different cycling communities to fashion a vision for cycling’s future. I have watched my father Chris Kegel (owner of Wheel & Sprocket) dedicate his life to his true passion: bike advocacy. His guidance has been a solid foundation in my own commitment to serve the cycling community. I believe every single person has at one point, had a special connection to cycling and that relationship makes it unjust for bikes to be slotted on just one side of the political spectrum. Wisconsin’s cycling future must be driven by bike-partisanship because cycling is good for everyone. More info @

Daniel Goldberg

Bayside, WI
I’ve been involved in cycling in Wisconsin for over 50 years as a commuter, racer, tourist, organizer, and advocate. I share my legal cycling expertise at, donate time speaking to clubs on safety, and actively support the impressive legislative and administrative advocacy of the Wisconsin Bike Fed. I attend the Bike Summit and meet local police departments to discuss cyclists’ rights, seek approval for road closures, and assist in bicycle safety days. Through meeting, writing and calling legislators and governmental administrators to lobby for legal changes like the Vulnerable User Law and Safe Streets legislation, I have a keen sense and broad view of the concerns of my fellow cyclists.
As board member of Team Velocause, I’ve helped lead our team’s commitment to an annual Bike Fed business membership and individual memberships for all team members, as well as our team’s significant annual cash donation to the Bike Fed. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to join the Bike Fed Board to help us work toward making Wisconsin’s roadways friendlier, safer and better for all. I’d use my cycling community relationships and professional connections to advance the mission of the Bike Fed and contribute to its important fundraising needs.

Bill Hauda

Fitchburg, WI
When I founded Bike Fed in 1986, bicycle advocacy was disorganized and ineffective. Bike Fed changed all that. A dream became the effective advocacy organization we have today.
As we grew, we accomplished important things along the way. Like repealing an onerous mandatory side-path law, legalizing two-abreast riding, and enacting Complete Streets, requiring bikes to be included in transportation planning.
At Bike Fed, I have played roles as first president, board member, lobbyist, executive director and advocacy chair. Our job’s not done. We need more bicycling funding. And end the slaughter of bicyclists on our roads.
I’m funding committee chair of the Wisconsin Nonmotorized Recreation and Transportation Trails Council. President of Friends of Badger State Trail. Life member of LAW. Member of IMBA and several cycling clubs. We need to work together to protect bicycling from threats of motorized infringement, and do all we can to improve and fully integrate trails, paths, streets and roads into an even better network for commuting, recreation, fitness, events and fun.
My experience with and knowledge of government covers the terms of 10 Wisconsin governors and 20-plus legislative sessions. I can use that to help move Bike Fed to additional great things.

Gigi Koenig

Wausau, WI
It’s been said that looking at scenery from a vehicle is like ‘watching’ a movie, but when riding a bike, you are actually ‘in’ the movie. I am interested in serving on the Bike Fed BOD so we can get more Wisconsinite’s and guests ‘in’ the movie.
I am a road rider, a commuter, a touring vacationer, a MTBer and a Schwinn cruiser. I am passionate about biking; the physical and mental health benefits, the economic benefits and the sheer enjoyment benefit! It’s important that we keep moving ahead in Wisconsin with bike advocacy, striving to make our state bike friendly and a safe place to ride.
Volunteering has always been part of my life and part of who I am. I have served and volunteered for numerous nonprofit organizations. I currently serve on the Board of CWOCC (Central Wisconsin Off-Road Cycling Coalition), a local IMBA chapter. We are a fairly young chapter but have a dedicated vision for making the Wausau area, a “ride destination.”
Being an Administrator in higher education, my job responsibilities include; budgeting, risk management, HR, policy and procedure and strategic planning.
I would be honored to serve members of Bike Fed of Wisconsin on the Board of Directors.

Robbie Webber

Madison, WI
I have been involved with the Bike Fed since the mid-1990s, first as a volunteer, then as a staff person from 1998-2007, and finally as a Board for the last three years. I have broad experience with various aspects of bicycling in Wisconsin and nationally: Four years as the bicycling representative on the State Trails Council; six years on the Madison City Council; ten years on various city and regional transportation committees, including chairing two of them; chair of a committee on community design and physical activity for a state health coalition. I have been a League Cycling Instructor since 1998, and now work professionally in the transportation policy field, including work on bicycling, walking, and livable communities.

I have served on the Bicycle Friendly Communities Advisory Committee for the League of American Bicyclists and have spoken at national conferences on bicycling, walking, and sustainable communities.

My bikes have been my principal local transportation since I was a child, including being a year-round commuter for over 20 years. I have biked all over Wisconsin on trails, rural roads, and city streets. I think the bicycle is the answer to many of the problems of 21st century America: health, sustainability, social connections, and energy independence.

3 thoughts on “New additions to the Bike Fed Board of Directors

  1. -Congratulations to all new board members, and to former mayor Dave as Executive Director. In the 15 years or so that I’ve been a BFW member I’ve seen much good and growth from increased membership and lobbying successes. Yet, I am concerned about an issue which seem to counter the public good as shown in the Magazine. I also think the glossy, overproduced nature of the Magazine is a waste of resources and materials. That notwithstanding I am appalled to see pictures of helmetless riders in it. Using a helmet is a choice all adult riders can make. I understand from talking to other members that Dave Schlabowske’s opinion essentially agrees with this as well. Has the membership been polled on this question? Showing photos of helmetless child-riders, and kids with helmets accompanied by helmetless adults sends a wrong message to children and families pre-empting any choice. Why is the BFW not committed to showing helmet use in all its photography?

    Also, I question the value of Dave Cieslewicz’ Isthmus column in relationship to the statewide membership interests. As a private citizen certainly Dave has the right to speak his mind. Personally I often agree with his stands. However as a public figure working on behalf of our diverse membership I see great potential for conflict. As public policy I see biking, trailbuilding, and traffic matters as non-partisan matters. Why expect growth of advocacy and good will for biking when the E.D. is barking up a tree about the nutso fringes in our polarized political scene?

    These are my opinions. Happy trails. Thanks for listening.

  2. I was an unsuccessful candidate for a board position and I must say I am impressed with the qualifications of the winners. I do agree with your comments about depicting helmetless riders. I am thrilled about our new ED. His political comments were made while he was a private citizen and I know he understands he is now in a different role

  3. congrats to all . We own & operate a small mom & pop shop in Waukesha & I have the greatest respect for Chris Kegel & all he has done for cycling, it is nice to see his son following in his dad’s footsteps….SOME BIG SHOES TO FILL ! THANK”S TO ALL! & MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY HOLIDAYS FROM US HERE AT fox river sports & spas,ltd.

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