Senate committee to vote Tuesday on Vulnerable Users bill

Action Alert

We were excited to learn just yesterday that the state Senate Transportation Committee will vote tomorrow morning, on Senate Bill 307, our bill to increase penalties for drivers who kill or injure cyclists, pedestrians and other vulnerable users of our roads. If you live in the districts of one of the Senate committee members below, please email them now and ask that they support this bill. The vote will be Tuesday morning.

Marathon/Northeast Wisconsin
Sen. Jerry Petrowski
Sen. Joe Liebham
Green Bay
Sen. Rob Cowles
Sen. Tim Carpenter
Green Bay
Sen. Dave Hansen

Your message can be simple. Something along the lines of: “Dear Senator, Please support Senate Bill 307 when it comes up for a vote Tuesday in the Transportation Committee. Cyclists, pedestrians, farmers, police officers and others need this protection. Thank you!”

Sign your name and remember to include your address. It will have much more impact if they know that you are their constituent.

And for everyone else in the state please send a quick note to Sen. Petrowski, who is the committee chair and who scheduled the bill for a vote at our request. All you need to do is let him know that you’re a member of the Bike Fed and that you appreciate his taking time in his busy committee to consider this bill.

Thank you! And let’s win on Tuesday!

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2 thoughts on “Senate committee to vote Tuesday on Vulnerable Users bill

  1. Emails sent.  But I notice two different dates; in the article and the headline it says Tuesday; but in the text of your sample message it says Wednesday.  So which is it?


    • Bill,

      Thanks for sending the emails and catching the typo. I have corrected it. The vote was originally scheduled for last Wednesday, but they changed it until this Tuesday.

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