Our favorite bicycling reads for the week of Jan. 19th

Our three favorite bicycling reads from around the internet for this week. Enjoy!

Are drive-thrus discriminatory?

Sarah Goodyear – The Atlantic Cities

Americans are driving less – so what happens to drive-thrus?

A father in the United Kingdom who tried to buy his son a Happy Meal at a drive-up McDonald’s window last summer while riding a bicycle said this to the Daily Mail about the policy that denied him service: ‘I was baffled. If my bike is safe enough for the road, surely it is safe enough for a drive-thru in a car park with a 5mph limit? It’s a daft policy.”


Leave it to the Beavers to Make Bike Polo Famous

Bryard Duncan – GQ

San Francisco’s bike polo team, The Beavers, features two Milwaukee natives!

If you are like most Americans, you’ve probably never heard of The Beavers, The Guardians or competitive bike polo in general. You are very likely unaware that the sport, in its first iteration on grass, was featured in the 1908 Summer Olympics in London. You didn’t know that its modern, hardcourt version was developed in Seattle 90 years later by a cadre of off-duty bike messengers looking to kill time between assignments – or that it’s now played in dozens of countries, including Ukraine, Thailand, Luxembourg, Belgium, France, Brazil, India, Japan and Australia.


2013 Volunteer of The Year

Zac Barnes – The Wisconsin Bike Fed

We’re proud to name Jeremy Gragert as our 2013 Volunteer of the Year.

Jeremy a co-founder of the Chippewa Valley Transit Alliance, Inc., organizing a united voice for bicyclists, pedestrians, and transit riders in the Eau Claire area. CVTA’s large list of priorities has gotten them very involved with the city’s Bicycle / Pedestrian Advisory Commission and looks very critically at improvements they can make to roads when they are reconstructed, especially if they are slated for improvement in the city bike plan. – See more at: https://wisconsinbikefed.org/2014/01/24/our-2013-volunteer-of-the-year/#sthash.7MXNkQgm.dpuf

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