Action Alert: Assembly to Vote on Vulnerable User Bill Tuesday

Action Alert

Our vulnerable users bill continues to move through the legislature. We just got word that the Assembly Transportation Committee has scheduled a vote on our bill (Assembly Bill 388) for Tuesday, February 4th at noon.

This bill is identical to Senate Bill 307, which cleared committee in the Senate last week. If we get a positive vote in the Assembly Committee it means that either bill can be voted on by either house at any time. Then once it passes that house the bill can sail through the other body without stopping in a committee because each respective transportation committee has already voted on it.

Help us keep the momentum we have so far. If you live in the district of one of the Assembly Transportation Committee members listed below please send them a brief personal message asking them to support 2013 Assembly Bill 388 (ab388), the vulnerable users bill. Make sure to include your name and address in your message as legislators care most about what their constituents care about. Thank you! And let’s win on Tuesday!

Find your representative below and email them today:

Click here to find out who your elected representatives are.

Assembly Transportation Committee members:


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3 thoughts on “Action Alert: Assembly to Vote on Vulnerable User Bill Tuesday

  1. This email did not help me find a representative! I live in the Town of Middleton. I tried clicking on the representatives but it was only an email link, not an informative “this is your representative.” I don’t live in Madison and I need to know who is my representative. Why did BikeFed make this so hard to figure out? I supported the first measure and I can’t figure out how do support this next measure. I made an annual contribution last year but if you can’t make this transparent for WISCONSIN bike riders then you will lose our support.

    • Jodi,

      Sorry for the confusion. Someone changed the format of the contact information. I originally had the links to to the representatives district web pages where you could find their email and phone numbers as well as see a district map. Based on your comment, I added a link to the blog post so anyone can find their elected officials.

      If this is still not helpful to you, let me know what else you need. You can also call our Madison office and ask to talk to either Chris Aalid or Betsy Massnick. Either one of them can help you contact your elected official.

      Thanks for taking the time to let us know you were having trouble.

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