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If you get two magazines delivered to your home because our current database does not allow for family memberships, share the extra with a friend to encourage someone else to join.

Since my wife Dianne and I are both Bike Fed members we get two copies of the fantastic Bike Fed magazine. I bet a lot of you are in the same situation.

Now, on the one hand you might object. You might say that it’s a waste of resources to print and mail two identical magazines to the same household. We agree and it’s for reasons exactly like that that we’re putting in place a new member data base system that will allow us to weed out duplicate mailings. Please have some patience there. Like all things digital it will take longer than you think.

But in the meantime I’m going to take the advice of Bike Fed board member Mike Rewey. Mike is taking his household’s second copy and leaving it at a dentist office in the Twin Cities. I didn’t ask why he goes to Minnesota to have his teeth cleaned, but it doesn’t matter.

Dentist office waiting rooms all over America would be a great place to drop an extra copy or one that you’ve already read. Other good locations are any doctors office or hospital, airport terminals, student unions, muffler shops and other car repair places, movie theatre lobbies, bike shops (of course). Any place where people have some time on their hands and are looking for a good read.

Or let’s say you’re invited to a friend’s house for dinner. Over cocktails you bring up the surge in winter biking. “Well, that’s fascinating,” your host says. “Wouldn’t you like to know more about it?” you ask casually. “Why, yes!” says your host. And right then and there you produce a copy of our latest edition. You leave it on the coffee table. Now you feel better about forgetting to pick up a bottle of wine on your way over.

We’re really proud of this publication and the more it gets passed around – especially among folks who aren’t members or don’t know about our work – the better. So, please, if you’ve got an extra copy or when you’re done with yours spread the good Bike Fed word.

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About Dave Cieslewicz, Director Emeritus

Dave Cieslewicz served two terms as mayor of Madison where he set the city on a path for Platinum status as one of the best biking cities in North America. Before that he started his own nonprofit, 1000 Friends of Wisconsin, which focuses on land use and transportation policy. He has been an adjunct professor at the UW Madison's Department of Urban and Regional Planning where he teaches a class called Bikes, Pedestrians and Cities. He pronounces his name chess LEV ich, but nobody else does.

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