Milwaukee “Safe Routes to School” program registration is Open

Free bicycle/pedestrian/skate safety education and encouragement programs

The Wisconsin Bike Fed has been given a grant from the WisDOT to provide free programming to Milwaukee Public Schools to help them increase the number and safety of students and families choosing to take alternative and healthy forms of transportation to and from school. Bike Fed staff will provide all necessary equipment and supplies. Bikes are supplied for use during program but we require a secure storage space for duration of program. Many aspects of the program align with Core Curriculum Standards and additional lesson plans involving bicycle themes can be supplied for all areas of study. Lessons include indoor and outdoor activities.

The Bike Fed can provide the following to your school for FREE!

Sessions start March 31st!

  • Walking Wisdom course (1st-4th )
  • Bike Driver’s Ed course (4th-6th )
  • Audit of current facilities and programs in use
  • Youth Engagement programs (5th-8th )
  • Walking school bus consulting
  • Bike Train consulting
  • In-school and after-school education and recreation opportunities
  • Parent survey and travel-mode data collections and analysis
  • Safety materials for take home
  • FREE Helmets for all participants in bike programs
  • Action Plans for your school‘s community

Bicycle programs require 10 hours of if instruction. Pedestrian courses require 2.5 hours. Skating safety and healthy eating modules are included in lessons for both.

Promoting active transportation at your school can help to improve student’s healthy habits and performance in school while having fun!

For more information or to sign up your school for a session, please use the contact form below or contact Jake Newborn, Education Program Manager, at 414.431.1798×11.

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