A Winter of Cyclists

Each equinox and solstice I try to plan at least one notable event where I can appreciate the joys and struggles of those three months’ unique circumstances. For the week of this spring equinox mark your calendar for a ride to the Barrymore Theatre to celebrate a film that adds to our national discussion about cycling being an enjoyable challenge in the harshest of winters. Winter riding learning curve and unpredictable plowing of bike lanes aside, this is a season that cyclists have plenty to be happy about.

Organizations like Madison Bike Winter have partnered with the Bike Fed to put together Winter Bike to work week and groups like MBIIC (Madison Bicycle Infrastructure Improvement Coalition), Spoke Haven and other groups around town are doing amazing work to advance the transportation equity movement to the hardest (but perhaps most enjoyable) of seasons.

On Wednesday March 26, 7pm join us to celebrate and take in “A Winter of Cyclists” film while it tours the country.

Tickets are for sale here.

Facebook event is here.

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