No Men Allowed!

Surveys consistently show that in the U.S. men bicycle more than women, by a ratio of at least 2:1. As our Deputy Dave illustrated in this older blog post, in Milwaukee the ratio is even lower with women making up only 13% of people who ride bikes for transportation. In contrast, researchers have noted that industrialized countries such as the Netherlands, Denmark and Germany, with higher rates of bicycling for both transportation and recreation, have equal or higher rates of female cyclists than males. While Wisconsin is not there yet, the Bike Fed is working to encourage more women to ride.

Casual fun rides like the Milwaukee’s annual Tweed Run seem to have a more equitable percentage of women to men.

Join us for these free classes across the state and let us know what else we can do to get more women on bikes!

Milwaukee Women’s Only Classes
(don’t worry boys, check our Event Calendar for Y chromosome-friendly classes)

Advanced Savvy City Cycling
Join the Bike Fed’s Share & Be Aware and the Bella Donnas to gain the confidence and learn the skills to ride comfortably on city streets. We will quickly cover the legal basics of riding in the road and then delve into details including turning left,  positioning on multi-lane roads, and leading rides. Bring your bike and helmet to do safety drills to learn crash avoidance techniques.  Leave feeling empowered and ready to ride! Great prep for Bike to Work Week.    6-8pm  April 22 and May 7  at the Urban Ecology Center Menomonee Valley 3700 W. Pierce St.  Milwaukee, WI 53215

Women do race, ride for transportation, tour and mountain bike, just in lower numbers than men.

Bike Maintenance 101 

Bike Maintenance 101 teaches the basics you need to know to keep your bike tuned. These skills will save you time, money, and make your rides easier and safer. Be empowered to take care of your own ride!

  • Fixing a flat tire

  • Brake and derailleur adjustments

  • Chain cleaning and lubing

  • Numerous adjustments that can be done with a multi-tool, including seat and handlebars

Note: Participant should bring their bicycle. Monday  May  19th 6p-7p @ Riverside HS Community Learning Center 1615 E. Locust Street Milwaukee, WI 53212 *Please enter through Door #5, off of Locust St.

Savvy City Cycling
This introductory women’s only course covers bicycling laws, essential gear for your bike, and how to plan and ride your route to the store, library, work, or anywhere safely and confidently. The course focuses on getting people to try biking for journeys less than 3 miles long.  Participant must bring their bicycle and helmet!
Thursday May 1st  6-7:30p Riverside HS Community Learning Center 1615 E. Locust Street Milwaukee, WI 53212 *Please enter through Door #5, off of Locust St.
Thursday May 29th  6-7:30p Riverside HS Community Learning Center 1615 E. Locust Street Milwaukee, WI 53212 *Please enter through Door #5, off of Locust St.


5 thoughts on “No Men Allowed!

  1. So my money is going to a bigoted institution. By bigoted I mean discrimination based on race, religion or SEX. Of course you have good reasons (excuses) why we have to have special seminars for one group of people and not the other. That is always the sign of a true bigot—justification. I’m sure there are a lot of men that are timid to ride the streets and this may well be a great class for them. But wait, they have the wrong appendages–no go.

    If this is what this group is all about, I don’t want to be associated with it. I’m asking for a full refund and as a stand-up organization (I have my doubts) you’ll grant my wish. It’s too bad. I really thought this group was going somewhere.

    Sexism? Really? Is this what we’ve progressed to? We’ve shoved equality down our little boys throats. Isn’t it time to live by it?


    • Bear,

      I will leave it to women to defend our women specific classes, but I can cancel your membership if you supply me with your real name and real email address. I checked our database, but could not find a member named “Bear” or an email address “”

      Dave Schlabowske
      Deputy Director

      • Dave,

        There’s my email address. I don’t know why it didn’t go through the first time. If you reread my post, I’m not asking for only a cancellation but a refund besides. I won’t accept one without the other.

        Jessica—It’s not the classes that are open to everyone but it’s the classes that blatantly exclude some. Quit it ! There’s no reason for that anymore. Gender has gone past strong or weak—there are equal amounts of both in the sexes. It’s getting to be a matter of exclusion. Lets get past this if we can.


        • Barry,

          Thanks for adding the full email. I found you in our database with that. You clearly have strong feelings about this. We clearly strongly disagree with you, so it seems best if we part ways and agree to disagree.

          I will have your membership refunded today and remove you from our database.

          Best wishes,

          Dave Schlabowske
          Deputy Director

  2. We have a multitude of classes that are open to everyone. In 2012 we taught over 75 and hope to do even more this year. Check the Milwaukee Recreation Guide for Milwaukee classes. There are also monthly Savvy City Cycling Classes open to anyone in Madison once a month. We will post details on that series, and others in the coming weeks.

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