Think Local, Act Local

Last week I did some traveling through Central Wisconsin. I visited Appleton, Green Bay, Green Lake, Stevens Point and Waukesha. As I drove to my appointed rounds I was in communication with our lobbyists back in Madison as they tried to pry lose our vulnerable users bill from the grips of the Senate Rules Committee. […]

Complete Streets Coalition Forms in Milwaukee

The Bike Fed is excited to announce the formation of the Milwaukee Complete Streets Coalition. Connecting local neighborhood groups, healthcare providers, businesses and political entities, like the Mayor’s office, Common Council, and Public Works Department, this new coalition will work together to create a formal Complete Streets Policy – and implement it in the city […]

A Winter of Cyclists

Each equinox and solstice I try to plan at least one notable event where I can appreciate the joys and struggles of those three months’ unique circumstances. For the week of this spring equinox mark your calendar for a ride to the Barrymore Theatre to celebrate a film that adds to our national discussion about […]