17 Days Left to Kickstart New Wyatt Fatbike

Get a brand new, thoughtfully-spec’d aluminum fatbike built right here in the USA for $1,899 (shipping included)? That is a screaming good deal.

There are only 17 days left in Wyatt Bikes Kickstarter campaign to get yourself a heavily discounted Wyatt Drift fatbike. Wyatt Bikes, based out of La Crosse, known for their line of affordable fixed-gear and single-speed bicycles, is moving into the fatbike market with their made-in-USA Drift. The Kickstarter campaign not only will help them launch the project, but it gives you the chance to buy a brand new, made-in-USA Drift Fatbike for just $1,899 or a frameset for $799. Of course you can contribute less, just to help the project get going, but at those prices, why not go all in?

In an interview on Fat-Bike.com, Wyatt Hrudka explained why he is going from skinny to fat, “Fixed gear and single speed bikes are very fun to ride because they are simple and reliable, but they do have their limitations, especially during the winter months. I wanted to offer my customers a bike that had very few limitations and could be ridden year round. There was no better solution than to create a fat-bike.”

One of my favorite features of the Drift are the sliding dropouts, which allow you to change the wheelbase when running different tires and wheel sizes. Want a short-wheelbase 29er to rip you local single-track? Just swap the wheels and slide the dropouts in. A monster cross? Swap the wheels and add dirt drops. 29er plus? No problem. With all the manufacturers getting into the tire market, you can even set up the Drift as a 650b fatbike!

Check out the Kickstarter page to see more photos, learn about how the bike is built and, of course, to help launch another cool Wisconsin bicycle product!



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