Digital Edition of Bike Fed Magazine Now Available

As a recovering photojournalist, I love print. I worked for newspapers and magazines for years, and still prefer the tactile experience of holding a newspaper or glossy magazine in my hands when I read. As good as modern-day LED screens are, I think a double page spread in a high quality magazine still has more impact to the reader. I am also proud of the fact that coated paper was invented in Wisconsin Rapids and mills here still makes some of the best, like the Appleton Utopia stock we print on for our Bike Fed magazine.

You can now read the Bike Fed magazine on your tablet, phone or computer.

Despite my personal preference for paper over devices, the Bike Fed has to keep up with the times. With that, we are proud to offer a digital edition of our magazine, available via Magzter on all the common formats, including IOS, Android, Web, Amazon, Windows 8 and Samsung. Of course our regular members will still get the magazine mailed to your door, and you can still find it in your local bike shops, thanks to our pals over at Olympic Supply.

All members will soon get an email with a coupon code to download the magazine for free. Fans of our magazine who live in other states but don’t get any other benefit from Bike Fed membership can now can subscribe to the Magzter digital edition of our magazine for $10.99 a year or just $2.99 per individual issue. This first digital edition of our Ocotber issue was a pilot to test out the Magzter plaform, so it is not much different from the regular print edition, but future issues should have some additional features, such as:

  • Active hyperlinks for references in stories
  • Active hyperlinks for event listings and advertisements
  • Animated gifs can now be used for advertisements
  • Video segments on special topics each issue.

Magzter makes our magazine available for Apple Newstand, Amazon and most other formats.

It might take us a couple of issues to get all the interactive features going, be we are excited about the opportunities offered by the new digital format.

We will continue to print our magazine four times a year, but in 2015, we are changing the publication dates to align better with the traditional riding season. In 2015 the first printed magazine will be the Ride Guide edition, but instead of coming out in April, it will arrive in March. We will then publish ever other month, with issues in May, July and September. In the past, the October and January issues were of little interest to ride organizers, so the new print schedule  will give ride organizers many more issues to promote their events.

For those of us who love to ride in the winter, and the rest you who let your bicycles hibernate when the temps drop below freezing, we are considering a digital only edition for the winter to hold us over until March. Stay tuned for more details about that.

In the meantime, members should watch their inbox over the next day or two for an email with the coupon code to download October edition. We would love you to comment below with your feedback on both the digital version and the condensed print schedule for 2015. Any suggestions, criticisms or complements are welcome. I also want to know if you have any difficulties subscribing, downloading the Magzter App, or other problems.

Thanks for reading, writing and riding!

Subscribe to the magazine by clicking here.

Get the FREE Magzter app Magzter for iPadiPhonesiPod TouchAndroid and Windows 8 running devices at the App Store or Android Market. Magzter is soon planning to expand its services to other platforms like Symbian, BlackBerry OS, BADA etc.

About Dave Schlabowske, Deputy Director

Dave was the first full-time staff member hired to open the Bike Fed's Milwaukee office 15 years ago. A former professional photographer and life-long Milwaukee resident, Dave likes wool, long rides, sour beer, and a good polar vortex once in a while.

3 thoughts on “Digital Edition of Bike Fed Magazine Now Available

  1. Whew, I thought it was going digital-only from the email newsletter headline! I love the print version – it’s worth the price of admission to the Fed alone. Dave, (and Peter etc…) keep up the great photo journalism, it’s a dying art and much appreciated.

    • No worries Tom, both Peter and I are die hard print lovers. We do have to publish a digital version if we want to keep up with the times though. I do think digital offers some unique opportunities that print does not though, and we work to add those interactive features rather than just produce an exact digital copy of the print version.

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