Double Your Gift to the Bike Fed


It’s the happiest time of the year!

If you’re in a giving mood, consider giving to the Bike Fed. And now through midnight on December 31st your gift will double.

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A generous board member, Ted Galloway of Neenah, has challenged Bike Fed members (and those new to the Bike Fed) to donate before the end of the year and he’ll match their gift.

Here are some examples of how your end-of-the-year gift might be used:

$100 gets 25 kids one day of our 2 weeks of bike camps
$150 gets 25 kids helmets
$250 gets 25 kids helmets and one day of bike camp instruction

Or your gift might go to our advocacy work in state and local government. To give just a few examples from this past year we stood up for cycling when Iowa County threatened to all but ban organized rides, when the Elroy-Sparta Trail was threatened with an open pit mine, and when implementation of elements of Appleton’s bike plan met with opposition.

Whether what you love about biking is road cycling, mountain biking or commuting; whether you believe that advocacy at the state or local level is most important; or whether your priority is high level competition or to introduce kids or adults to cycling who currently don’t bike at all, the Bike Fed is there to advance the cause.

So, while you’re deciding how to make your end-of-the-year tax deductible contributions please consider the Bike Fed. Now through the end of the year, thanks to Ted, your gift will do twice as much good!

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