Final Resolutions: 2015 Bike Fed Goals


This will be the last in our trilogy of New Years themed blog posts. As much as I feel New Years is one of the last, truly great, politically un-compromised holidays, I can’t stretch the season out too much longer. In this post we list the major goals for the Wisconsin Bike Fed in 2015. We certainly have many other goals, but these are the biggies we came up with. If you want to suggest something else, feel free to do so in the comment section below.

  • As mentioned in this previous post, we will launch a statewide Bicycle Equity Program. We will try to leverage our Safe Routes to School, Smart Trips, Valid and Share & Be Aware programs with Open Streets, Polish Moon and Southside Bicycle Day to find new funding for  a north side and south side community bicycle coordinators in Milwaukee. In the rest of the state, other Bike Fed managers and staff from our key programs will seek greater community involvement for women, youth and people of color.
  • Use the Milwaukee model of regular monthly meetings, annual local goals, and member-led local rides to expand our Local Program to more communities
  • 10,000 Facebook likes: Why not? There have to be 10,000 people who like us!
  • Update our Bike Fed website to include a better calendar of Bike Fed events, and a page to register bikes and track stolen bikes so shops can have a one-stop place to check when someone comes in to sell a suspicious used bike. It will also be an added benefit for members to have their bikes registered. We will also restructure our website to better reflect our current programming.
  • Expand our mountain bike program to include monthly MTB advocacy calls with local groups around the state and set a statewide MTB advocacy agenda for 2015
  • Move our state bike summit to a new city. The Bike Summit used to be held in different cities, but has been in Madison for years. In an effort to do more around the state, we will seek a community who wants to host the summit and is willing to form a local host committee.
  • Have WisDOT recognize NACTO guidelines and next generation bicycle facilities. The Federal Highway Administration already recognized the next generation bikeways in the NACTO Guide. Until protected bike lanes, bicycle boulevards and other new innovative facilities are formally recognized by WisDOT, it will be difficult for municipalities to get them included on state projects or local projects using any state or federal funds.
  • Begin the State bikeway Network Study? This study will make general suggestions for an integrated network of connected bikeways, signs, and a map. It will also suggest a catalytic project such as the Route of the Badger or some other high-profile trail network we can set as a high priority.
  • Grow the Bike Fed to at least 5000 members. Heck, with all the millions of people who ride bicycles in Wisconsin, and all the good work we do, The Wisconsin Bike Fed ought to have 20,000 members!
  • Create fun, meaningful ways to get Bike Fed members more involved and active, possibly with a more formalized, well-promoted volunteer program and through an expanded local program around the state.
  • Another safe year for bicycling, more ambassadors in more communities. 2014 ended with only four people killed and the number of crashes down significantly from the previous year. We want to use our Share & Be Aware and Safe Routes To School programs to have another even safer year in 2015.
  • Smart Trips kicks into gear: After years of delays, we finally have a staff person and a contract. With much of the baseline work already done, we look forward to Tony Giron’s fun ideas to encourage more people in Milwaukee’s Riverwest and Harambe neighborhoods to get out and walk, ride and take transit. Given the demographics of the area, Smart Trips will be a core part of our Bicycle Equity Program.
  • More Bike Friendly Communities in Wisconsin: we want to help more communities and businesses achieve or improve their Bike Friendly designation

So, what did we forget? Have something on your wish list for your community or for Wisconsin bicycling? Let us know in the comment section below, or forever hold your peace.

About Dave Schlabowske, Deputy Director

Dave was the first full-time staff member hired to open the Bike Fed's Milwaukee office 15 years ago. A former professional photographer and life-long Milwaukee resident, Dave likes wool, long rides, sour beer, and a good polar vortex once in a while.

8 thoughts on “Final Resolutions: 2015 Bike Fed Goals

  1. I suggest a goal for Wisconsin to repeat as National Bike Challenge champs. Last year we had 8,000 riders, let’s go for 10,000+ in 2015!

  2. RE “a page to register bikes and track stolen bikes so shops can have a one-stop place to check when someone comes in to sell a suspicious used bike. ”

    Please do not create yet another small, proprietary system but integrate one of the already widely used providers like BikeIndex.

    • Hey Gene, there is a link to our Facebook at the bottom or our home page. Not a big one, but it is there. There are also links at the bottom of the blog page to share our posts on Facebook. You think we need a bigger Facebook like presence on our organizational website? Not a bad idea since we are planning on doing some minor updates to the website and have the 10,000 likes goal for 2015. Thanks for the suggestion.

  3. Bring the bike summit to Eau Claire! We’ve got a lot of stuff going on fixing up our downtown, show how biking can be part of that and a good economic development tool.

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