Coalitions Help Fight For Cycling


The Bike Fed has been hard at work trying to restore what would be lost if Governor Scott Walker’s budget passes unchanged.

With your help we’re making progress. Thank you! Keep up the pressure. If you haven’t contacted your state senator and representative yet, please do that soon.

The next step will be public hearings in March. We’re still waiting for a hearing schedule and we’ll get that out to you as soon as we have it.

But we also want to let you know that we have friends. The Bike Fed is part of larger coalitions of groups who are helping make common cause on these issues.

On the fight to restore the Stewardship Fund, which has been key in building and improving two-dozen state trails around Wisconsin, we’re part of a coalition being led by the League of Conservation Voters and Gathering Waters, which is a group that represents land trusts. Land trusts are nonprofit organizations that help buy and preserve land for habitat protection and other public purposes. This is a strong coalition and we’re feeling optimistic about our chances for success.

On our issues in the transportation budget – repeal of Complete Streets and the $2 million cut to the Transportation Alternatives Program – we’re working with two groups. One is the Move Wisconsin Alliance, a group made up of the Wisconsin Urban and Rural Transit Association, the Sierra Club, AARP, 1000 Friends of Wisconsin, and various faith groups.

The other group we’ve joined is called the Transportation Investment Coalition and it’s made up of more business oriented organizations like road builders, chambers of commerce, private sector employers and economic development associations but it also includes labor unions, the League of Wisconsin Municipalities, the Wisconsin Counties Association and the Wisconsin Towns Association.

As you might imagine one group that includes the Sierra Club and another that includes chambers of commerce might not always see eye-to-eye and we’re probably the only organization that is a member of both. But that’s how the Bike Fed views biking. We want to build the big tent of cyclists. We see how these two groups can work together toward the same goals and, frankly, we don’t see how either can be successful without the other.

So, as a Bike Fed member, know that we’re working hard to push back the governor’s negative provisions on biking, but you should also know that we’re not fighting alone.


2 thoughts on “Coalitions Help Fight For Cycling

  1. The Bike fed has gone down the roadbuilder-highway before – as part of the effort to enact complete streets and add a line item for bicycling to the state transportation budget. In the last budget cycle, I saw no evidence that the road builders objected to the trimming down of TA funding. The WTBA actually endorsed the cuts to bicycling.

    It would be a mistake to think that the WTBA is looking for anything but an ally to get a steady supply of funding for highways. If they get that and the next budget contains cuts to bicycling again, don’t count on the Road Builders to come to our defense. And now imagine what that does to bicycling over the long term: lavish funding for highways and sporadic funding for bicycling will induce demand for highways and further tilt the balance of power away from bicyclists.

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