Wisconsin Bike Week: Milwaukee Mayor Barrett Rides Bublr to Work

Mayor Barrett’s ride to work attracted about 40 people this year.

With sunshine and temperatures in the upper 70s this morning, all 40 of the people who biked to Milwaukee City Hall with Mayor Tom Barrett agreed that moving Wisconsin Bike Week from May to June was a brilliant idea. And what could be more Milwaukee than riding Bublr Bikes? The Bublr Bikes team brought a handful of their sturdy blue bicycles to the Mayor’s Washington Heights neighborhood for the 5 mile ride downtown.

Mayor Barrett, City Engineer Jeff Polenske and the others were able to take advantage of the mostly downhill trip and arrived at Market Street looking fresh and cool for the television cameras. As  soon as everyone grabbed a cup of Colectivo’s freshly brewed Fyxation Roast, the press conference began with Mayor Barrett and Alderman Nik Kovac sharing some good news that Milwaukee is adding more bike lanes this year (we have 85 miles now), extending the Beerline Trail to Capital Drive and expanding the Bublr Bike Share system from 11 stations to at least 35.

Ammar Nsoroma, of Red Bike and Green and Toneih Welland of Black Girls Do Bike coast down State Street.

Upper 70s and sunny sure beats 40s and rainy like we have had many of our previous rides with Mayor Barrett.

While it is great that so many more people are biking to work, Bublr bikes will offer more choices for those who like to ride, but can’t make the trip to work. Bike Share systems allow those who drive to work to run errands to far to walk by bike rather than move a car and try to find parking. Bublr also allow visitors to get around on bikes.

I have two folding bikes that I used to bring with me when I traveled to other cities, but now I leave them at home and use bike share. Just this last year I used bike share in Chicago, Madison, San Diego, and Washington D.C. Before the success of Divvy, B-cycle, and other bike share systems, I would have had to bring my folding bike along on all those trips.

Most of the new Bublr stations this year will be in the downtown area, because the stations need to be close for the system to work. In the near future Bublr will expand to a number of inner ring suburbs like Shorewood and Wauwatosa.

Across the United States and around the world, bike sharing continues to thrive and there are now about 2,500 bike share stations around the country.

Rank City 2013 Stations 2014 Stations
1 Washington (regional) 305 347
2 New York 330 328
3 Chicago 300 300
4 Minneapolis (regional) 170 169
5 Boston (regional) 132 140
6 Miami Beach 97 94
7 San Diego 0 80
8 Denver 81 83
9 San Francisco (regional) 67 70
10 San Antonio 51 53
11 Seattle 0 49
12 Austin 11 45
13 Boulder 22 38
14(t) Fort Worth 34 34
14(t) Miami 0 34
16 Chattanooga 33 33
17 Columbus 30 30
18(t) Madison 32 29
18(t) Cincinnati 0 29
20 Houston 29 28
21 Indianapolis 0 26
22 Omaha 8 25
23(t) Nashville 22 24
23(t) Charlotte 21 24
23(t) Phoenix 0 ~24
26 Ft Lauderdale (regional) 25 21
27(t) Kansas City 12 20
27(t) Salt Lake City 12 20
29 Aspen 12 15
30 Long Beach, NY 13 14
31 Washington State Univ (Pullman, WA) 9 11
32 Milwaukee 0 11
33 Greenville, SC 6 8
34(t) Oklahoma City 7 7
34(t) Tampa 0 ~7
36(t) Des Moines 6 6
36(t) Ann Arbor 0 6
38 Univ of Buffalo (Buffalo, NY) 4 5
39(t) Univ of Califonia Irvine (Irvine, CA) 4 4
39(t) Spartanburg, SC 4 4
41(t) Tulsa 4 3
41(t) Louisville 3 3
41(t) Stony Brook Univ (Stony Brook, NY) 3 3
44(t) Kailua, HI 2 2
44(t) Roseburg VA Hospital (Roseburg, OR) 2 2
44(t) Hailey, ID 2 ~2
44(t) Rapid City 0 2
44(t) Savannah 0 2
44(t) Dallas 0 2
44(t) Orlando 0 ~2
Fullerton, CA (closed) 10 0
Georgia Tech (Atlanta, Ga) (closed) 9 0
George Mason Univ (Fairfax, VA) (closed) 7 0
Lansing (closed) 4 0


About Dave Schlabowske, Deputy Director

Dave was the first full-time staff member hired to open the Bike Fed's Milwaukee office 15 years ago. A former professional photographer and life-long Milwaukee resident, Dave likes wool, long rides, sour beer, and a good polar vortex once in a while.

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