June Mountain Bike Advocacy Call

Mountain Biking
Hello Fellow Dirt Testers, Most every trail system is now open, I hope you all have gotten out for a mountain bike ride this year!

My colleague and I were able to make a trip up to the new WINMAN trails up in Manitowish Waters.  These trails are very new, freshly built, and I would imagine many of you have not heard nor had a chance to ride them.  They are fast, fun and flow based.  With lot’s of big berms, table tops, small drops and in most places they have an optional B-Line for those who just want to roll with it:)  Look for this article in our July issue of the WI Bike Fed Magazine.

Now on with the June Wisconsin Mountain Bike Advocacy call.

Feature Guest is Karen McCabe, who is the President of LAMBO (Lakeland Area Mountain Bike Organization) in Woodruff, Wisconsin.


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