Mobile Bike Repair Program Comes Home

The Bike Fed worked with Layton Boulevard West Neighbors and State Farm to create the Bici Hub, Milwaukee’s first Mobile Bike repair done on a cargo trike with e-assist. The Mobile Bike Hub is a traveling bicycle repair shop that repairs and services bicycles for the residents of the Layton Boulevard West neighborhood, a mostly Latino area where our Milwaukee office is located.

The e-assist Workcycles trike set up as the Bici Hub or Mobile Bike Repair.

For the next three weeks, August 18th through September 3rd, the Mobile Bike Hub will be in operation on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 12pm-4pm.

Gabe and Alejandro working at a mobile bike repair site in the Layton Boulevard West Neighborhood.

One thought on “Mobile Bike Repair Program Comes Home

  1. Here in Maine it has been difficult finding a cycling club that will accept riders with a recumbent trike. A spokesperson for the Bicycle Coalition here refused my bid for membership. He said the reason is trikers are too slow. I’ve since moved up to a trike with electric pedal assist and can ride manually or with supplemental power. Speed is no longer an issue. Anyway, I had to congratulate you for being inclusive. I love my bent and would be lost without it.

    I stumbled upon your article in a search for trike clubs, and I have to ask, what do cycling clubs in the lakes region think about trikes in general and e-bikes specifically? It would be rather ironic given this story if cyclists in WIsc agreed with Mainers. I see triking clubs have been growing in popularity from Tennessee on down. I can’t bike but I can trike and I have little choice if I want to stay fit. I used to be a runner and stroked out, and so I have some balance issues. BTW, I’d recommend going with a cargo trike with two wheels in front. They have much less tendency to roll over in turns, especially going downhill. My best to all of you!

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