Do You Really Know the Rules of the Road?

Nearly every one of the 130 people who stopped at the Wisconsin Bike Fed Share & Be Aware booth at the Wisconsin State Fair assured they knew the rules of the road … until we started asking them specific questions.

How much space are you required to provide a bicyclist while passing in a car was a real stumper.

Here’s a little test to see how well you would do. These are some of the questions Share & Be Aware Ambassador Whitney Baker asked prospective drivers taking a class at the Door to Door Driving School in Mukwonago. Click here for the quiz and to see if you can do better than a 15-year-old.

To make it easier, here’s a visual hint for one of the questions.

Survival rates for pedestrians vs. motor vehicles

If you’d like to improve your knowledge, and help make Wisconsin roads safer, check out Share & Be Aware for information on free education.


2 thoughts on “Do You Really Know the Rules of the Road?

  1. Re: Second question “A BICYCLIST SHOULD” – the word needs to be changed to “practicable”
    Something that is practical is (1) of or relating to practice, (2) capable of being put to good use, (3) concerned with ordinary, tangible things, and (4) being such for all useful purposes.

    Practicable is more narrowly defined. It means capable of being put into practice.

    Confusion occurs between practical‘s second definition and the main definition of practicable. Think of practical as a synonym of useful, and practicable as a synonym of doable and feasible. Another important distinction is that practical can apply to people (per definition three) and skills (definition two), whereas practicable typically applies to plans or actions.]

    [numbers in brackets refer to Wisconsin State Statutes ]
    Lane Positioning – Always ride on the right, in the same direction as other traffic. [346.80(2)(a)] Ride as far to the right as is practicable (not as far right as possible). [346.80(2)(a)] Practicable generally means safe and reasonable. 346.80(2)(a) lists a few situations when it is not practicable to ride far to the right.

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