A bicyclist goes for a long walk… and wants to chat with you about it.

Andrew Siess is now the youngest person to circumnavigate the globe on foot.

Join us for a discussion with Andrew about some of the highlights from his adventure and some perspective on walking as a mindful way to better understand bike advocacy among other passions.

In the Summer of 2009 Andrew biked from Minnesota to the southern-most tip of South America

In September of 2011 Andrew canoed the entire Mississippi River, he finished in December of the same year.

In May of 2012 Andrew Sailed across the Atlantic Ocean, hit a whale, was rescued by a cargo ship then began walking around the entire planet.


As part of #wisconsinwalks we invite you to be a part of either or both of these events to be inspired to get walking (and bring your friends!) this autumn.

Sunday, October 18th 1-2pm cst (Feel free to just call in if that’s easier than registering! +1 (631) 992-3221 Access Code: 424-753-054)

and/or Tuesday, October 20th 7-8pm cst (Feel free to just call in if that’s easier than registering! +1 (631) 992-3221 Access Code: 137-559-059)

Tweet (#wisconsinwalks) about your walk or ask questions for us to share with Andrew! (we recommend registering early and calling in to these events vs using the web option)








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