Candidate submissions are open for the 2015 Bike Fed Board election

The Wisconsin Bike Federation is the oldest bicycle advocacy group in the nation and helps make Wisconsin a top state for bicycling. People who have an interest in helping support the Bike Fed are encouraged to run for a spot on the Board of Directors. There will be four (4) board positions available in this election. Submissions are open through Thursday, November 12th.

All current Bike Fed members can run for the Board by completing the statement of qualifications. If you aren’t a current member, click here to join now.

Members of the Bike Fed will view the candidate qualifications and vote on future board members. Elected members serve three year terms.

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One thought on “Candidate submissions are open for the 2015 Bike Fed Board election

  1. Could you put the timeline up for both nominations and the election? I could not find that in any of the documents or posts on line. It would be helpful for people interested in applying and those that might be passing the information on to others.

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