Wisconsin Schools Win Money by Firing Up their Feet!

It is time to celebrate the winners as another Fire Up Your Feet Challenge comes to a close.

Fernwood Montessori students rode on bike to School Day May 6th, part of their ongoing programs to promote walking and biking to school.

This fall, we have some repeat winners as Parkside School For The Fine Arts takes top honors again this year. Fernwood Montessori made it onto the podium again too along with perennial power house Riverside E.S.. Besides the favorites, it is great to see some newcomers to our winners list. Highland Community School and Spring Road E.S. both deserve congratulations for jobs well done, and for next year, can anyone out-do Holy Ghost Immaculate Conception as top Small School? Your school can try to knock them off the leaders list when Fire Up Your Feet fires up again in May for the Spring 2016 Challenge Period.

Parkside School for the Arts Celebrates their 1st place finish in the state!


School Name


Award Description

Award Amount

Parkside School For the Arts


1st Place


Riverside E.S.

Fond du Lac

2nd Place


Fernwood Montessori


3rd Place


Highland Community School


Jump in!


Holy Ghost Immaculate Conception


Small School


Spring Road E.S.


Fire Up Your Walk to School


Viking E.S.


Ready, Set, Go!


Thanks to the Wisconsin Fire Up Your Feet team of Melissa Kraemer-Badtke with East Central Regional Planning Commission, and Virginia Loehr with La Crosse County, who partnered with us at the Wisconsin Bike Fed to organize the Challenge.

Fire Up Your Feet encourages families, students and schools to work together to create active lifestyles which inspire all children to be healthy and physically active. Centered around the school day, this website provides a full range of age-appropriate resources and educational materials to encourage physical activity to, from and at school. Any school or PTA group in the country can utilize these resources. Fire Up Your Feet fundraising provides PTAs and school groups a healthy, easy choice for a school fundraisers. It inspires your family, students and teachers to get moving to raise money for the cause of fighting childhood obesity and also make a big different in your school.

For More info about Wisconsin’s Fire Up Your Feet Program and to get your school or child involved, you can email me.

Cash awards are provided by the Wisconsin Bike Fed. If you want to help by donating funds for the Spring Challenge, contact me at:
Jake Newborn
Youth Education Program Manager


  • One $100 Fire Up Your Walk to School Award: For Fall Challenges any school tracking 50 or more walkers at the conclusion of the challenge period will be entered into a drawing for one $100 award. Note: In order to be eligible, participants must track WALKING activity.  Running/jogging or other activities do not count toward this award.
  • One $100 Small School Award: Schools with less than 100 students are not eligible for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd tier awards listed above and can compete in this small school category. This award will be given to the school with the most students, parents/guardians, and school staff tracking during the Challenge Period, divided by total school enrollment.  Should a region not have any school meeting this criteria, this will be an additional runner up award.
  • One $100 Ready, Set, Go! Award: Studies show that people who start off the week with physical activity are more likely to continue being active during the rest of the week. The same concept applies to the month-long Fire Up Your Feet Challenge! Rev up your school with an early boost to get on the leaderboard and in the running for the Ready, Set, Go! Award. Any school with 20 or more participants tracking at least one activity between October 1 and 10 will be entered in a drawing for these awards.
  • One $100 Jump In! Award: Now is the time to Jump In! and rally your school around tracking activity. Any school that has not begun tracking activity during this challenge is eligible to win!  Get in the game by tracking a minimum of 20 participants between October 11 and 20 and your school will be entered into a drawing for this award.

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