Board Election Results

Board of Directors
Thanks to the 360 Bike Fed members who voted in the 2016 board elections and to the 14 members who volunteered to serve on our board. The final results are in for the three year terms and here they are:

Melissa Vernon(i) 217 votes
Peter Gray (i) 185
Clay Griessmeyer (i) 159
David Waters (i) 153
Jennifer Laak 126
Steve Hiniker 98
Jeff Currie 72
Nick Robinson 59
Jason Vargo 56
James Davies 47
Tom Wong 45
Ashley Nedeau-Owen 39
Lane Smith 35
Nick Upthall 24

The top four vote getters, all incumbents, were reelected to the board, but our deepest thanks go to everyone who offered to serve.

Under our bylaws, revised last year, the board can now select an additional three members by appointment. The board can consider anyone who is a current Bike Fed member.

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