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As a regional director of Share and Be Aware, our comprehensive safety program around Wisconsin, it’s hard to imagine a way to de-stress my ride than to ride with my grandmother, sharing the city with her and helping make sure she is safe as she rides. The same happens when we drive in a car or go for a walk, but never before has a bike ride really been possible with Imogene (my grandmother).

Classes with the literacy network, with community centers and congregations, neighborhood associations and businesses have introduced me to people with all levels of experience walking and biking their short trips. Grandparents tend to be amazing ambassadors for walk and bike friendly communities, they help capture some of the reality of vulnerable users on the road. The ability of releasing ego seems to grow as we age yet the ability to break habbits may stick with us. What is my best way around this? Come train on a rickshaw or BCycle with, exploring our surroundings at a slow speed, accesible to all ages,

It is rare when a new program comes along with the ability to truly change the lives of many.  Cycling Without Age – simple in concept, significant in impact – is just that type of program.

Started in Denmark in 2012, Cycling Without Age is a program which allows residents who can no longer ride a bike the opportunity to experience many of cycling’s benefits – taking in the surroundings, fresh air, and visiting with others.

By purchasing special bicycles with rickshaws to transport residents and motors to assist with inclines, volunteers and family members can help residents maintain their connection to the outdoors and to cycling.  The program is built around the five key principles of Generosity, Slowness, Storytelling, Relationships and Without Age.  Early adaptors to this program (Oshkosh included) have experienced:

  • New friendships
  • Increased ability to enjoy fresh air and the out-of-doors
  • New ways to enjoy time spent with loved ones (family members becoming pilots)
  • Reduction in psychotropic medication use
  • Improved sleep patterns

Regardless of the level of care, we have a large number of residents who could benefit from this program.

Help Residents Experience Cycling Without Age

The joy of being outdoors and connecting with others are experiences no one wants to lose. Your gift of your time and/or donation will help more residents get outdoors by supporting the purchase of six custom-built bicycles over two years. Your support will help us reach our target of $40,000. 
Click here to give a gift.
As I look through the latest Heat maps of Wisconsin, I can’t help but think of the places I’d love to ride with my grandmother including the possibility of riding this year’s RAW. I hope to see you there!
Leave a comment or send an email to if you’re interested in a training to be able to help captain a rickshaw here in Madison.
Ole Kassow is coming to both Oakwood locations on Thursday, March 10 to speak and meet with people helping us put this program together. Formal presentations will be at 10am at 6205 Mineral Point Road location and 3 at 5555 Tancho Drive (near American Family HQ). (Check out Ole’s partnership in Oshkosh as well!).

2 thoughts on “Cycling without Age grows from Oshkosh to Madison!

  1. This sure seems like a wonderful program. Staying engaged with one’s environment, and interacting with others is considered an important part of healthy aging. If this helps facilitate that, it’s a really good thing.

  2. Zac, I would love to see you ride RAW with your grandmother! Is she going to want to go 175 miles in a rickshaw?

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