May 4th is National Bike to School Day

May the Fourth be with You!

This year National Bike to School Day is May 4th, so leave the speeder in the garage and let your kids to walk, skate or bike to school! The Bike Fed helps schools across the state to host events that promote safe and healthy active transportation to school on this day. Riding a bike to school is a great way for kids to get active in the morning, which studies show prepare your child’s mind for learning. Parents are encouraged to ride with the kids and model healthy and active behaviors for their kids. Here are some simple tips to help your school plan a successful event!

  1. Register your school at Walk Bike to This is will help make the case locally and nationally that you and your school support walking and biking. There are also free resources there to help you plan and execute an event.
  2. You can download our Star Wars themed flyer here and add you school name to help promote as well. Kids (and Adults) love Star Wars right!?
  3. Set up a welcome table staffed by parents and kids to welcome those who bike or walk that day. Hand out stickers, healthy snacks, and make posters or banners for kids to sign showing their support.
  4. Use the Travel Tally form to take data on how many kids got active that day compared to other days of the week.
  5. Have parents or volunteers coordinate to walk or bike together to make it more fun! Have an off-site meet up planned or a remote drop off point for kids who live to far to bike or walk so they can still participate.
  6. Avoid the Imperial Forces on your route to school!


Feel free to contact Jake in our Milwaukee office if you need more tips or tricks to get your school involved in creating a happier healthier school community through promoting riding bikes!

Jake Newborn: 

Youth Education Program Manager


2 thoughts on “May 4th is National Bike to School Day

  1. Hi Jake, I’m in La Crosse WI and co-moderator of the LInkedIn group 7 Rivers Region Sustainability group and would like to promote the ride your bike to school/work effort on our group discussion. Do you have something I can post to LinkedIn in an effort to promote this, more the ride your bike to work? I appreciate your help.

    • April- Please feel free to share any blog posts or the info in them in your group. Our Wisconsin Bike Week (June 4th-12th) events and info are still being put together and should be announced soon. Carolyn Dvorak is our LaCrosse staff and you can contact her to possibly come speak to your group or workplaces.

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