Get Heard on Transportation Needs

There is a concerted effort underway to address the growing transportation needs in our state and cyclists need to be part of that conversation. A group called the Transportation Development Association is leading an effort they dub “Just Fix It” to build support for a transportation tax increase (probably an increase in the gas tax) […]

Happy Birthday, Jane Jacobs

This month people around the world are celebrating Jane Jacobs’ 100th birthday. Two questions might spring to mind: 1. Who’s Jane Jacobs? 2. What’s she got to do with biking? Read on. Jane Jacobs is pretty much hands down the most influential city thinker of our time. She wasn’t a planner, but a journalist by […]

The Force is strong with these ones!

Chances of rain and the coldest day of the week couldn’t stop all the families who chose to leave the speeder in the garage and head out today by foot and on bike to get to school. Forty-five schools across Wisconsin registered at, and others held Bike to School Day events but didn’t sign […]

In 10 seconds, a text ends a life

Investigators estimate it took Lorie Ann Miller about 10 seconds to send a text about her granddaughter’s T-ball game while driving – the same amount of time it took for her to kill a 52-year-old mom riding her bicycle in Marathon County. Miller’s case shows the quick and significant danger of distracted driving, which causes […]