Mobile Bike Repair Expansion and 2016 Summer Schedule!

NORTHSIDE Mobile Repair Update by Chris Keidel

Our Virtue School Bus loaded with supplies before a community ride event.

Northside Site Schedule

Since May 9th, Bike School at Valid Bike Shop has been running every Monday and Wednesday from 4pm to 6pm. We have been looking for talented young students to assist in our Northside Mobile Bike Hub program and to teach them some job skills that they may then use in their search for summer jobs.

I’ve enjoyed the company of Brandon, Hezekiah, and John during these classes. There are a couple others, Essence and her friend, but their schedules didn’t allow them to make every class. Basic bicycle repair has been our agenda for each class, where each part of the bike was shown proper operation and then how to maintain and repair. Tire and tube repair, pedal replacement, new cables and housings installed, brake repair/adjustment, also front and rear derailleur repair/adjustment are just some of the topics we’ve touched on during class.

We are coming into our last week of class and choosing one student for the summer position will be difficult as each of them is excited about summer and this opportunity to roll around their neighborhoods helping everyone get their bikes back in safe and working order.

Brandon and Hezekiah work together to fix a bike in Valid Bike Shop.

SOUTHSIDE Mobile Repair Update by Brennan Kreiman

Jack learns how to change a flat tire at southside class

The Bike Fed Mobile Bike Hub program has been hosting a bicycle repair class geared toward High School students to learn the necessary skills to fix their own bicycles and others in their community.  The class is also a precursor to interviewing for the internship position with the Bike Fed, to work alongside the Mobile Bike Hub coordinator to help fix bicycles at community events and neighborhood parks in Milwaukee’s Southside neighborhoods.  Students enrolled in the bicycle repair class come from nearby Southside High Schools in Milwaukee, including Escuela Verde and Carmen High School.  Students worked together to identify mechanical problems and to fix the mechanical issues in class.

Southside Schedule

The class focused on common problems of wear and tear from everyday use such as fixing worn out brake pads and adjusting derailleurs. We also taught the class proper techniques needed to work in bicycle shops, such as tool organization, how to ask questions and learn new skills, and using mechanical advantage when working on rusted components. The kids learned by working hands-on with donated bicycles that required differing amounts of repair.

We also taught the students some more advanced skills, like wheel truing and hub maintenance. After working on repair skills in class, students were able to test their skills under our guidance by tuning up bicycles from their friends and family members to ensure they were all safe to ride for the summer season. At the end of the class, all students completed a basic mechanics test to gauge how much they had learnd over the past weeks and see where they still need improvement.

News about the program

Read more about what Mobile Bike Repair is up to on our blog.

Request Mobile Bike Repair

To request Mobile Repair at your Community Event contact Jake Newborn 414-255-0377 or Some events we may be able to provide for free, others may require a fee.

Dates Time Site Address
6/14-6/16 11 to 3 Franklin Square 2643 N. 13th St
6/21-6/23 12 to 4 Auer COA 2320 W. Burleigh St
6/28-6/30 12 to 4 MLK Jr CLC 3275 N 3rd St
7/5-7/7 12 to 4 Hopkins Lloyd Community School 1503 W Hopkins St
7/12-7/14 11 to 3 Franklin Square 2643 N. 13th St
7/19-7/21 12 to 4 Clarke St CLC 2816 W Clarke St
7/26-7/28 11 to 3 Clinton Rose 1354 W. Columbia St.
8/2-8/4 11 to 3 Clinton Rose 1354 W. Columbia St.
8/9-8/11 11 to 3 Columbia Playground 1354 W. Columbia St.
8/16-8/18 11 to 3 Columbia Playground 390 W. Chambers
8/23-8/25 11 to 3 Columbia Playground 390 W. Chambers
Dates Times Site Address
6/14 – 6/16, 6/21 – 6/23, 6/21 – 6/23, 6/28 – 6/30 11 to 3 Rogers Field Rogers and 36th St
7/7, 7/8, 7/10, 7/14, 7/15, 7/17,7/21, 7/22. 7/24, 12 to 4 Story Garden 2830 W. Burnham
8/2, 8/3, 8/4, 8/9, 8/10, 8/11, 8/16, 8/17, 8/18 11 to 3 Trowbridge Square 1530 S 38th St
8/23 – 8/25, 8/30, 8/31 11 to 3 Urban Ecology Center 3700 W Pierce St

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