RAW Training Rides at Wheel & Sprocket Delafield

We are less than 12 weeks away from one of the greatest rides you may ever have the chance to do:)

Just ask Joe Smessaert who road the RAW (Ride Across Wisconsin) last year and who earned a “Founders” jersey.  Joe said “The RAW ride was so epic, I could not wait to sign up again this year”.    Joe  is a sales manager at the Delafield Wheel & Sprocket and will be leading two RAW training rides this summer, out of the Delafield bicycle shop.

Here is some information on these training rides if you are interested in joining

  • This is a self supported training ride.
  • Training rides will take place on June 18th at 8:00am & July 16th at 8:00am
  • 100 miles is the distance for each ride.  The ride is expected to take about 6 hours or more hours.
  • Riding route will be dependent on weather and wind direction.  So this will be determined 1-2 days before the ride.  Once the route is determined each rider will be given a physical copy of the exact route, before the ride leaves.
  •  Food and refreshments will be provided to those who participated, after the ride, at the Delafield bicycle shop.

This ride is self supported, so riders are encouraged to bring all the energy food and hydration they will need while on the ride.  Joe is planning to make at least 1-2 stops on the training ride, to refuel, use facilities, etc.

RSVP in order to ensure enough food and beverage is provided after the ride, and to better understand just how many 100’s of people will be joining them on this ride:)  Please contact Joe Smessaert.  Joe’s contact info is  joseph.smessaert@wheelandsprocket.net  or call the Bike Shop at 262-646-6300.

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