Wisconsin checks out Bike to the Library Week

Public libraries will become hubs of bicycling safety across Wisconsin through Bike to the Library Week, from Sunday, June 19, to Saturday, June 25. In its second year, the education program has expanded to include nearly 70 libraries, helping both the libraries and the Wisconsin Bike Fed combine their strengths as resources for transportation literacy. […]

¡Viva la Ciclovía!

Milwaukee’s open streets event, Ciclovía MKE and Southside Bicycle Day, closed out our Bike Week in the 414 yesterday. I got up Sunday, made coffee and immediately loaded up the camera gear I wanted to bring. As soon as I was packed, had formatted my cards, charged the camera batteries and cleaned the camera sensors, […]

RAW Training Rides at Wheel & Sprocket Delafield

We are less than 12 weeks away from one of the greatest rides you may ever have the chance to do:) Just ask Joe Smessaert who road the RAW (Ride Across Wisconsin) last year and who earned a “Founders” jersey.  Joe said “The RAW ride was so epic, I could not wait to sign up […]

Bike Week Continues

Wisconsin is a state known for its independence. So, when the League of American Bicyclists declared a week in May as Bike to Work Week, we just couldn’t follow meekly in line. It’s not that we have anything against the League; it’s just that they are located in Washington, DC, where May is a beautiful […]