Fall (not off your bike!) Safe Routes To School programs: Booking now!

You know it's true.

We have some great programs for teachers and schools to utilize our staff to lessen your burden of kids still full of Summer vigor. Parents, we have ways for you to get involved to help make Back to School a fun time to get on the bike or walk together. Fall is a great time to still enjoy some outdoor time!

The On-Site programs are only available in Milwaukee Public Schools, but the others are encouraged to be done statewide!

Walk to School Day info!

Host a fundraiser! Custimizable and your school keeps 75% of the money raised!

Stop for your Neighbor- Pedestrian Crossing Action!

Please if you have any questions or want to know more contact me, Jake, to help find what is right for your school!


Lots of ways to get moving at your school!


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