Action Cycle! Girls Bike Club continues to Roll

Angie leads the girls through proper intersection safety procedures.


Guest Post by Angela Livermore, League Cycling Instructor and Safe Routes to School Instructor

Action Cycle’s second ride took place on Saturday September 17th. The sun was shining and we had six new riders. After changing into our new matching t-shirts that simply state, “Roll Model” we got prepared to roll out. Leaving Dreambikes we headed towards the Beerline Trail which included some challenging hills, but we made it!

The Beerline Trail led us to Gordon Park where we were joined by Anna, one of the rider’s mom. We biked across the Locust Street bridge and entered the Oak Leaf Trail heading north. We enjoyed the trail ride, some shade and laughter along the way. Hubbard Park ended up being our final destination where we shared some refreshments and a rest stop. At the park I asked the girls to write about their experiences so far here are a few of their entries.

“I enjoyed riding down the hills but I wish we could of gone faster!”
“I really enjoyed the ride it is going really, really good. It was real cool meeting all the girls, and seeing old friends.  The woods was really cool, I felt really calm and it felt like home.  I feel really safe riding on the street and learning new skills.  I loved my team.”
“I enjoyed the bike ride but not the hornets!”
After leaving the park we took side streets back to Dreambikes, returning a little later than expected. It was a wonderful afternoon and our next ride is October 8th. but I know it will be worth the wait! I hope to see all the Action Cycle riders return for our next ride and hopefully have some new girls join in as well.
Smiling faces!
Action Cycle is a bicycle centered, community focused movement for female youth who live in the Milwaukee area, focusing on area codes 53206 and 53212. Members take bi-weekly group rides, exploring their city in a new and intimate manner. Following a group ride, all members make a journal entry concerning the experiences that were exciting and/or made them feel unsafe.
These experiences will illustrate to all whom participate they may be leaders and be heard. The program aspires to encourage youth to find bicycle routes to school or the library safely and independently. Action Cycle is a platform to use the power of the bicycle for youth to organize neighborhood improvement. Ultimately this program is a conduit for change where needed while empowering young female youth along the ride


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  1. Wow what a fantastic program I am very excited for all these smart young women to discover how far their bicycles can take their confidence!!
    Great work to the organizers! I believe bicycling can change a girl’s life too!!

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