Run for a Seat on the Board of the Wisconsin Bike Fed!

Ever think about doing more to make Wisconsin one of the best places in the world to ride a bike? It’s Board election season at the Wisconsin Bike Fed. Every year our membership elects four candidates to our Board of Directors. Maybe you should be one!

There is a really simple way to join our Board: run for a seat.

Let’s play Q&A:

Q: What does our Board of Directors do? 

A: Our Board helps the Bike Fed strategically grow its reach and advance its agenda as Wisconsin’s statewide leadership voice of bicycle advocacy and education. Board members help the Bike Fed forge alliances, plan strategy, open doors to new opportunities, and grow its financial base.

Q: What are we looking for in our Board members?

A: Passion for bicycling, of course, but we’re looking for more than that. We need Board members who have advocacy and professional skills, nonprofit governance experience, influential contacts in the public and private sectors, and the energy to bring those assets to bear for the Bike Fed.

Q: What is expected of Board members?

A: First off, to serve on the Bike Fed’s Board, you need to be a Bike Fed member. So if you’re considering a run, please join the Bike Fed. Board members are expected to make a handful of evening meetings per year, in person or by phone; to take a couple days off per year for Board retreats and similar events; and to be active participants in Bike Fed events, Board committees, discussions, and occasional projects. Board members are also expected to be goodwill ambassadors, attending Bike Fed events and participating in Bike Fed programs and activities. Board members are also expected to donate or raise financial contributions within their means.

Q: Do I have to live in Madison or Milwaukee to serve on the Board? 

A: Trick question! A special shout-out to those outside the Madwaukee corridor – we really want our Board to better represent the regional diversity of our great state. Run for Board. Seriously, please run!

Q: How do I run for a Board seat? 

A: Easy – just nominate yourself by completing this online nomination form by midnight Central time on October 28th.

Let’s bold that: the deadline to nominate yourself as a candidate for the Board is October 28th, midnight Central time.

Any questions? We’ve got one: what are you waiting for?

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