Bike Fashion Show and Wayfinding

  The Bike Fashion Show was a blast!
Connect 53212, Milwaukee’s Smart Trips program has hosted a ton of events over the past couple of years and encouraged thousands of residents in Milwaukee’s 53212 zip code to walk, bike, and bus. We most recently hosted a Bike Fashion Show to show that anyone can wear anything while riding a bike. A lot of residents came through, enjoyed free beer, won awesome prizes, and got connected. We would like to thank all of our participants
 who showed up and of course invite you to the show next year. Look out for us! Every year the show keeps growing. With how diverse Milwaukee’s bicycling community is, we were able to feature models and share parts of their stories as popular poets, musicians, welders, film makers, gym teachers, adventurers, and the list goes on. We are grateful to continue to connect and create new relationships with local organizations, businesses, and our neighbors.


Way Finding

As Connect 53212 is coming to a close this winter we would like to leave a lasting impact on the 53212 zip code. The Connect team has been working on an exciting new Way-finding Sign project. We’re posting at least 50 signs that direct people to parks and trails. We chose parks and trails because it encourages physical activity and are places that will not be moving any time soon. The signs encourage people to walk and bike by providing the amount of minutes it takes to get there. We have identified key intersections that easily direct people to places like Rose Park, 5 Points, the Beerline Trail, and the Marsupial Bridge (for example). We would love your input, as community members, on suggested locations, design, and to volunteer some time to put the signs up! Follow the link to check out the design plan and find out how you can get involved.

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