Howell Avenue pedestrian safety meeting in Bay View

Howell Ave. at Parkside School and Humboldt Park crossing. Students often take walks to Humboldt Park for class lessons as well as Humboldt being a very popular park hosting Chill on the Hill.

With the recent spate of three people killed trying to cross the street in Milwaukee, the Bike Fed has ramped up our pedestrian safety program. It is unfortunate, but we have been working on this for some time. Back in June an 83 year old woman in a crosswalk was hit by a car that turned into her at Lincoln Ave. and Howell Ave.

MEETING TO BE HELD THURSDAY DEC 1st, 6pm at PARKSIDE SCHOOL 2969 S Howell Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53207 (enter through main door on Howell)

In response, the Wisconsin Bike Fed Safe Routes to School Team has been working with Parkside School For the Arts to educate and encourage their students and families on bike and pedestrian safety for the past 3 years. In an effort to prevent any further tragic crashes, the Howell Ave Safety Committee requested a meeting with Alderman Tony Zielinski, the City of Milwaukee Department of Public Works, and Milwaukee Police Department.  The meeting will include a presentation of the work we have done to improve safety so far, input from the City Department of Public Works and an opportunity for citizens to voice their concerns. Hopefully this will result in a plan to improve safety for people walking near the school.

Howell Avenue in this area is unique in a few ways:

  • 3 elementary school zones
  • An Oak Leaf Trail crossing
  • No traffic controls between Oklahoma and Lincoln.
  • A large and popular park (Humboldt Park)
  • The only N/S through route for bikes (as well as cars) besides Chase Ave. and Kinnickinnic Ave. in Bay View

A group of schools, parents, business owners, residents all have been meeting a few times over the past year to discuss concerns and how to address them. We also worked to take some data and did a yard sign campaign asking people to slow down for students and other people walking. The goal is to come together to learn what the City is doing and can do, what the police can do, and how we can all work together to make sure no more deaths or injuries occur in out community.

The public is welcome to attend to learn more or to hear ideas and tactic to make streets in their neighborhood more safe.

One of the signs the Bike Fed paid for and partnered with Residents to place along the concerned stretch.

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