Cycling Santa’s Visit Madison Too

It’s getting competitive out there in the world of Santa Cycle Rampages.

After we posted our annual recap of the festivities at Milwaukee’s rampage on social media we got a note from Bike Fed member Thomas Haunty asking us to give some love to Madison for its own event.


Madison’s own Santa Cycle Rampage circles the State Capitol Building.

Now, all the good little girls and boys should know that Santa started his rampage in Wisconsin’s largest city many, many years ago. And the idea has spread like a good, durable fruitcake throughout the land. It did, in fact, come down Madison’s chimney a few years ago, but Milwaukee’s will always be the first.

So, with that throat clearing done, here is Thomas’ brief description of the warm tidings in our Capital City accompanied by some of his photos.

“Last Saturday on a twenty-degree, sunny, cold day over fifty Santa’s and other Christmas decorated folk rode their bicycles, spreading Merry Christmas tidings and, “Ho Ho Ho,” cheers to the car honks and amazement of Madison residents.

“The ride started in Middleton at Paceline Indoor Cycling, then went down University Avenue, through the UW campus, down all of State Street to and around the State Capitol and finishing at the newly remodeled Memorial Union Rathskeller for beers.

OK, so find the elf who didn’t get the memo.

“Children along the route were amazed and were promised many gifts by the Santa’s, parents actually smiled and snapped pictures while students, well, they were told to keep studying for finals.

“Kudos go to Becky who runs Paceline. She organized the event this year again.”

After a long morning of spreading good cheer, the Santa’s enjoy some holiday cheer of their own at the UW Memorial Union’s just-opened refurbished Rathskeller.

And God bless cycling Santa’s, everyone!

2 thoughts on “Cycling Santa’s Visit Madison Too

  1. Why the talk of “competition?” Christmas is for sharing the thrill of laying new tracks in the snow. I was in Madison’s Santa Rampage this year. And participated in previous Santa rides around Mad City. About six years ago Madison Bike Winter’s Aaron Crandall, a few others and I took a ride in full Santa regalia to an East Side Madison pub. Yep, Dave S. should be rightfully credited for organizing a bazillion Santas to ride in Milwaukee. But for those of us who weren’t able to get to Milwaukee I surely enjoyed the ride Saturday even if it was just several dozen riders. Surely, there will be more next year. Who knows, Santa and his elves may be riding in other towns next year.
    Merry Christmas to all at Bike Fed!

    • I meant competition in the friendly sense. If we have dozens of communities around the country competing for the biggest rampage turnouts this is a good thing. Fleece never dies.

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