What happens to a person riding a bicycle or person walking if they are partially at fault for a crash in Wisconsin?

Thanks for this guest post by Clayton Griessmeyer, Bicycle Injury Lawyer and a member of the Board of Directors for the Wisconsin Bike Fed  www.griessmeyerlaw.com   Getting hit by a car while bicycling, walking, or jogging often results in out of pocket losses. These may include things like a deductible for medical insurance, medical bills, […]

New Bike Taxes & Fees May Be Proposed

As the Wisconsin legislature starts to churn during the winter and spring you may be hearing discussion about license and fee increases related to natural resources. Here’s what’s going on. The Department of Natural Resources has identified a $4 million to $6 million annual gap in the amount of money it is authorized to invest […]

Driverless Cars Are Just Down the Road

One transportation trend likely to make lots of news in 2017 is driverless cars. Every major auto company is working on this plus tech giants like Google and ride sharing companies like Uber. And limited automated technology, like cars that park themselves or stay in their own lanes on highways, is already available. But what […]