Bike (to Work) Week (Day) is (May 19th) June 3rd – 10th

This Friday, May 19th, is National Bike to Work Day.

That’s great and we’re all for it, but the Wisconsin Bike Fed is saving most of our firepower for the celebration of Wisconsin Bike Week, June 3rd through June 10th.

We admit that it can be a little confusing, but there are two reasons why we do things differently here in the Badger state.

The first reason is our signature weather. National Bike to Work Day is declared from Washington, DC, where they hope to get a nice dry day before the humidity sets in. But here in Wisconsin May can be a kind of slushy month for ice fishing. So, we figured moving our festivities back three weeks or so would give us a better run at good Midwest weather.

The other Wisconsin thing we did was drop the “to work” part. Now, for us, it’s just Bike Week. That’s actually a sign of progress. See, we’ve come to observe that biking to work just isn’t the novelty it once was. People do it all the time as part of their daily routine. We don’t have a “Use Your Stapler At Work Day” or a “Write An Email At Work Day.” It’s just what we do. Biking has become normalized. This is good. This is progress.

So, now it’s just Bike Week, a celebration of all things bike, not just commuting. Look for the full list of activities coming very soon, but it will include evening events aimed at families, women, baseball-goers, e-bike riders and more in addition to the expected and beloved commuter stations.

So, by all means, bike to work on Friday as many of you do every day. But reserve the first week in June to celebrate cycling the Badger way.

4 thoughts on “Bike (to Work) Week (Day) is (May 19th) June 3rd – 10th

  1. I guess you can’t have too many days and weeks celebrating getting around by bike, to work or other places! If you’re in Madison, stop by the commuter station on the Cap City Trail at Dickinson from 7-9am this Friday. Or in Monona, where Waunona Way turns into the Cap City Trail, also 7-9am.

  2. Sorry BFW, but why would you completely ignore Bike to Work Day? Ok, so you aren’t putting YOUR firepower behind it, but several businesses were and they of sort looked orphaned there out on the Cap City Trail without the support of the biggest Big Fed in the country. At least make a proclamation about it.

    • We didn’t ignore it. In fact, this blog was specifically written to remind people that it was National Bike to Work Day and to explain why the Bike Fed was also promoting Bike Week a little later in the year. If anybody felt alone out there today it was probably because it was cold, cloudy, windy and damp this morning — exactly why we moved Wisconsin Bike Week to June.

      • It’s great for businesses to celebrate biking and biking to work. The more days people and businesses are out celebrating biking and those out biking, the better!

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